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Samsung Galaxy S III

Published by on May 10, 2012 under Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S III

One of the newest Android mobile phones on the market today is the Samsung Galaxy S III. The phone is expected to hit European markets toward the late part of May. Samsung has finally released details about their latest release. The Samsung Galaxy S III has some unique features, so unique that it has Samsung promising in its commercial that the S III will “follow your every move”. Actually, what the S III does is predict your preferences. For instance, the phone can use the front facing camera to monitor your eyes. If in the middle of watching a movie, you happen to fall asleep, the phone recognizes this and shuts off the movie as well as the phone’s display.

Another feature of the S III, while not unique to the industry, is unique to Samsung. This would be the feature known as S Voice. This is a customized voice recognition system much like Apple’s Siri. By offering it voice commands, S Voice can recognize and follow the commands. S Voice is different than Siri in that it is able to recognize more languages. A total of 8 different languages are recognized including British English and American English.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is powered by a powerful quad core processor. Another feature of this phone is its usage of S Beam, which is an enhanced version of the original Android Beam. This feature makes it possible to transfer large files swiftly between phones. These files can be photos or even music.

The DLNA service for the Samsung Galaxy S III has also been enhanced. This makes it possible to share content from the phone to one’s computer. The Samsung Galaxy S III features a 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display, with a 1280 pixel by 720 pixel resolution. This is the same display that was used for the Galaxy Nexus.


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