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Roots Only Hair Applicator Comb – Review

Published by on November 6, 2011 under Reviews

Roots Only Hair Applicator Comb Review

I’m glad I just finished dying my hair in less than ten minutes and love my new hair color, but this post is not about my habits; instead, I want to present you an innovative and practical tool designed by Bonnie Steen in the US, specifically for dying your roots only within a few minutes. It’s the Roots Only hair color application comb.

Roots Only Hair Color Applicator Comb consists of a clear plastic tube and a special cap in the shape of a comb with hollow teeth through which the hair dying cream comes out as you squeeze the tube. Ingenious, isn’t it? Well, I personally love it!

Now, let me tell you more about the applicator and my experience with it.

Roots Only Hair Applicator Comb Review
Roots Only Hair Applicator Comb Review

As I already mentioned, the tool was designed to dye roots only and it’s very easy to use. To dye only your roots, you need to keep the applicator perpendicular to your head’s surface and simply comb your hair from top to bottom or in any other direction your prefer, while squeezing the tube. After that, you can massage your head gently to spread the cream evenly. That’s it! I finished this in about 3 minutes.

From my experience with the hair color applicator comb, I can add that it holds the mixture of one hair color box bought from the store. I tried to add the contents of a second box, but only half of it fit. Anyway, you won’t need more than one box if you plan to dye only your roots and I don’t recommend you to use it to dye all your hair because it can become a bit difficult to squeeze so many times and you can risk spreading the cream on you and on the things around. Another thing I like is the marking on the back. That’s for when you want to know the quantity of cream you’re using. For those of you who need to know it in ml, you can convert oz to ml at any time.

Roots Only Hair Applicator Comb Review
Roots Only Hair Applicator Comb Review
Roots Only Hair Applicator Comb Review

Although some of letters printed on the front of the tube were removed during this process, the plastic tube is resistant, as well as easy to squeeze. While coloring the roots, it also combs your hair. The applicator is also easy to clean with water. I only recommend you to squeeze until you see clean water coming out of the comb’s teeth, because otherwise they can get clogged. Next, let it dry to make it ready for the next hair color application.

In addition to hair color, you can also use Roots Only to apply special scalp treatments. You don’t have to section your hair anymore.

Roots Only applicator comb is available for purchase at Roots Only for a reasonable price of $5.99.


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