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10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Wow Women

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Chocolate and flowers are great gifts for special events like Valentine’s Day, but they don’t last long. Try giving the lady in your life something unexpected and enduring by choosing one of these ten gift ideas that will have her smiling for weeks after the big day. Remind her of why she loves you by giving her the perfect gift – we’re making it easy with this list of top gift ideas for women.

1. Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projector

10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Wow Women

If you know a woman who loves candles, she’ll be enchanted by one of these modern-day oil candles that project beautiful tree shadows onto the walls. There are five different types of trees to choose from, all crafted from stainless steel. Turn down the lights, burn one of these candles, and get your romantic evening off to the right start. Each metal tree candle holder comes with two containers of odorless liquid wax that burns cleanly, allowing you to enjoy the soft ambiance and flickering shadows without being bothered by smoke or heavy scents. You can buy one from UncommonGoods for $48 with a set of two wax refills for $5.

2. Espresso Maker

10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Wow Women

Want to give a gift that’s both romantic and practical? Try this bright red espresso maker from Gaggia, a classic Italian manufacturer of coffee machines for household and business use. It includes all the accessories you could want in an espresso maker: a steam wand, cup warming feature, removable water tank, three filter baskets, a measuring scoop, and a coffee tamper. Besides being fully functional, it looks great on the countertop and will remind your favorite lady of you every time she uses it. You can find one on Amazon
for under $200 and you can even score free shipping.

3. Jewelry Tree

10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Wow Women

Instead of just giving a necklace this time, you can choose an elegant jewelry tree as a gift. You can add a necklace or some other jewelry to it or let it stand alone, but either way, it makes a wonderful gift idea. It’s especially thoughtful since it’s both functional and beautiful, so no matter who you decide to give it to, she’ll be happy. This particular jewelry tree is made of cast iron with a rust finish and features some birds already perched in the branches. You can find it at Iron Accents for just $24.

4. Kinect with Dance Central

10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Wow Women

If you know your valentine already has an Xbox, you can get her a Kinect package that includes all the hardware she’ll need plus a Kinect Adventures game. You can even sweeten the deal by adding Dance Central, a game she’ll love to play – especially if she likes to take you out to dance clubs. The best thing about Kinect is that there’s no controller involved, so playing is intuitive and easy to do. Pick up the Kinect package for under $150 when you find a local retailer at

5. Custom iPhone Case

10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Wow Women

Make your sweetheart a custom iPhone case with a romantic message, a photo of the two of you, or something creative that you know she’ll love. It’s easy to make – simply upload and drag text or images, arrange them the way you want them to appear on the final product, and place your order. The case is made of durable plastic with an easy-grip fabric cover, which is what you’ll be designing, so this gift offers both comfort and personalized style. You can buy one from for $39.95, but if you spend over $50, you’ll qualify for free shipping under the site’s Valentine’s Day promotion.

6. Select Laptop Tote

10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Wow Women

This beautiful bag accommodates any laptop up to 12 inches and includes features like the SafetyCell computer protection compartment, a zippered interior pocket, metal feet, self-healing zippers and extra style. The microfiber looks gorgeous and the bag is so functional that your lady will be surprised at how versatile and efficient its storage capabilities can be. You can find it at at $59.99 with lifetime warranty.

7. Swarovski Earbuds

10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Wow Women

If your lady is always listening to her mP3 player, you can give her the stylish gift of Swarovski crystal-encrusted earbuds. You can find them in a variety of designs, but these pink or purple ones with over 100 crystals per pair are stylish and fun without breaking the bank. You can get a pair from HandHeldItems for $26.99.

8. Towel Warmer

10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Wow Women

Improve your lady’s daily shower with the comfort of a towel warmer. It’s a cozy way to show how much you care and she’ll enjoy using it on a regular basis. This model from Bed Bath & Beyond can heat towels, socks, blankets, and any other fabric item that could use a little extra warmth. Pick one up for $79.99 and give your sweetheart the daily spa treatment she deserves.

9. Red Thermos with Gourmet Coffee or Tea

10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Wow Women

Snag your sweetheart a red thermos that’s designed for ultimate insulation. If you start with a 200-degree beverage, it will retain enough heat to keep the liquid at a minimum of 145 degrees twelve hours later. Add some gourmet coffee or tea to create a thoughtful gift that she’ll use every day. You can find the thermos for $35.90 at

10. Red Digital Camera

10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Wow Women

Give your sweetheart the gift of spectacular digital photos with this bright red Nikon camera. It’s a great size for a woman who wants a smaller camera to fit inside her favorite bag, it has 8 megapixels, the color is romantic and fun, and its screen measures 3 inches out of the camera’s 3.74-inch width. You can buy it from for $89.49 in plenty of time for her birthday.

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