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Sweet Reunions (of sorts): Google Maps and Apple’s iOS

Published by on December 25, 2012 under Office

Sweet Reunions of sorts Google Maps and Apples iOSAre you one of the few people that went missing just because the mapping software on your iOS device is not working? Well your woes are over as Google Maps, the most-reliable mapping software by far is coming back to your iDevices! Google has just released their Google Maps for iOS a couple of weeks ago.

Almost perfect

The new Google Maps app for the iOS is not at all perfect. It still suffers from some minor, negligible nuisances. The thing is, these nuisances are nothing like the major problems that Apple’s own mapping system is suffering from. Google Maps still offers the same dependable information that people at a loss can depend on to.

Finding what you need

Like the old mapping system in the iPhone, all you have to do is enter the location that you are looking for and the map will show you where exactly it is. With this map, you can have the peace of mind that you are not being misled. Every street, avenue, corner, and alley are perfectly mapped out, making the task of finding a particular place easier.

Turn by turn navigation, finally on the iPhone

Through this app, iPhone users now enjoy turn-by-turn navigation that only their Google counterparts used to have. This dependable navigation system directs you to the right location to get to where you want to be. Just in case you made a wrong turn, the app automatically recalculates routes so you’d still end up where you really want to be. Android users have been enjoying this feature since 2009 and it’s a welcome development to see it finally arriving on the iPhone.

Commuting info

Additionally, the new app also offers public transit information for more than 500 cities around the globe. This simply means that travelling around town is definitely much easier with the availability of such information. Just key in the location and the app will tell you what vehicle or mode of transportation to ride and where you should be getting on or off. While it may not provide complete information for all of your transportation needs, at least it gives some usable info, something that Apple’s mapping service doesn’t give at all.


Because this app is dependent on your vehicle’s wireless connection, losing cellular connection may leave you getting lost. Additionally, Apple’s mapping app is such a joy to look at. It’s customizable view and 3D rendering makes this app look rather primitive. If only for its great looks, Apple’s app wins leaps and bounds against Google. Sadly, while good-looking maps are a joy to use, nothing beats a map’s reliability and usability.

Gets the job done

It may not look great and it may not offer all of the services that you need. More importantly though, this app from Google delivers the goods and gets the job done which is why we download mapping apps in the first place right? Practical, intuitive, useful; three words that make this mapping app still the best application available out there. Now, when will Apple finally offer us a mapping app that works?


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