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Ladies Replica Rolex Date Just Review

Published by on November 15, 2010 under Reviews

Ladies Replica Rolex Date Just Review

I have to admit I have been curious about this Rolex replica since Swiss Expert contacted us to give away one of their best-selling models, the Replica Rolex Date-Just Silver Case White Dial. That’s why I’m happy I finally had the chance to review this model and have to say I’m impressed by how good it looks.

When I say I like its look I include the overall design, ergonomics, the detailing and functionality. When I think of imitations I imagine products that look similar to the originals, but that are not even close to the original high quality and design details. Well, this doesn’t happen with the watch I’m reviewing for you today.

Ladies Replica Rolex Date Just Review
Ladies Replica Rolex Date Just Review
Ladies Replica Rolex Date Just Review

The model I’m reviewing imitates a watch included in the famous collection from Rolex that introduced the first wrist watch with date function back in 1945.

Replica Rolex Date-Just Silver Case White Dial has almost all the elements of the popular Rolex Lady-DateJust 26mm watch with steel and white gold, but adds several white gemstones on the margin of the dial, as well as the bracelet style of the Rolex Lady-DateJust Pearlmaster with diamonds and white gold.

Unlike the original 26-mm and 29-mm Rolex models, my Rolex replica measures 39mm in diameter and uses stainless steel and cubic zirconia instead of white gold and brilliants, respectively. It features 25-jewel ETA automatic Swiss movement, while the originals use the self-winding mechanism. This means you won’t need to buy batteries because the watch is mechanic. Besides these, the Rolex replica comes with scratch-proof Sapphire crystal, just like the originals and the magnifying lens over the date, which provides a nice water drop illusion. It also is water-resistant.

Ladies Replica Rolex Date Just Review
Ladies Replica Rolex Date Just Review

The Rolex replica has only the two basic functions – time and date.

As there is nothing I don’t like at this watch, let me tell you what I like.
Firstly, I can say it looks elegant and very well crafted. It can complement any outfit and I wear it with jeans.

Classic watches usually are not on my taste and I prefer those that look more like jewelry items. My favorite watch would be a bracelet with built-in watch and if it has crystals and other shiny elements that’s better. The Rolex replica has these cubic zirconia gemstones that make it look like an elegant bracelet.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that it feels comfortable to wear. I assume it’s because of the stainless steel material that’s very well tolerated by the skin, regardless of the fact that it’s a heavy watch, like all automatic watches, from what I know.

Ladies Replica Rolex Date Just Review

If you’re wondering about the price, this watch normally sells for around $550, but currently Swiss Expert provides it at a price of $389. The original Rolex Lady DateJust costs over $5,000.

If you want to win one instead, add your comment to our giveaway and subscribe to the newsletter to know if you’re the winner. Hurry up because the giveaway ends on November 22nd!

Update: Swiss Expert offers you all a 10% OFF coupon code that you can use to purchase anything from the online shop until December 31, 2010. The coupon code is: wMDf05WdvN2cpRGf5kjN

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  1. Dana says:

    Hmmm… yammy watch! I would love to have one! 🙂

  2. gorgeous,I envy you hahaha, hope to win the giveaway,

  3. pat jasmin says:

    looks like the real thing ,way to nice ,i want to win this,thanks

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