Renew Your Gadget Collection by Selling Your Old Devices

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Renew Your Gadgets Collection by Selling Your Old Devices

How about getting the latest iPhone version by spending a fraction of the cost? Today I want to tell you about a popular online service designed for anyone looking to buy new device models or make some money by selling old gadgets. Glyde has a simple interface so you can browse to find smartphones, cell phones, tablet computers, e-book readers, iPods, video games and gaming accessories, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, cases, chargers and headphones, all available at affordable prices set by other Glyde users.

Renew Your Gadgets Collection by Selling Your Old Devices

Anyone with an Internet connection can create an account and start selling their old gadgets to buy new ones in a few simple steps. Listing your items via Glyde doesn’t cost anything because Glyde will deduct a small percentage from the sale price, after the items are sold. Getting paid is a quick process as well, while a return policy and insurance are not missing either.

Being designed to be simple for everyone, Glyde lets you list your items in the shortest time, without requiring picture uploads or long descriptions. You need to post a short description and set the condition of the item and the price.

Renew Your Gadgets Collection by Selling Your Old Devices

Another cool thing about Glyde is that you can use the prepaid shipping kit that allows you to drop old devices in the mail without leaving your home.

On the official website you can find useful tips such as how-to guides about resetting the password, performing upgrades, dealing with water-damaged iPhones, or activating the iPhone. Before selling, you’d also want to learn how to wipe your iPhone.

These being said, I invite you to check Glyde for yourselves and learn all about it.

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