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Remote-Controlled, Color-Changing Moonlight Pillow

Published by on January 18, 2015 under Decor

Remote Controlled Color Changing Pillow (3)

Some of you maybe remember the Lumigram cushions with fiber optics fabric, which illuminate while powered by batteries. They come in many colors and look amazing if you decorate beds and sofas in dark rooms, but cost over $150. The cheaper alternative is the Remote Control Moonlight Cushion, available for £24.95 in UK.

You can use the same pillow and change the light colors using the included remote. The cushion is described as being super soft, being made of white plush material, so you can rest your head on it, not only use it to decorate your room. The option to change the light colors could work as color therapy.

Remote Controlled Color Changing Pillow (1)

The pillow illuminates using built-in low-energy LEDs which are economic and produce a soft and pleasant glow. It powers from three AA batteries and you can control it from up to 10 meters away. You can even set the lights to flash, fade or smoothly transition between colors.

The Remote Control Moonlight Cushion measures 30 x 30 x 12 cm and you can buy it from Gizoo.

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