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Reduce, Reuse, O2 Recycle for Your Old Gadgets

Published by on November 10, 2013 under Office

Reduce Reuse O2 Recycle for Your Old GadgetsThere are a plethora of options for saying goodbye to your old mobile phones these days. No, we’re not necessarily talking about your practically new iPhone 5 from last year or your shiny tablet that you never pick up – those you could probably sell or give on to a new owner. We’re talking about first generation, chunky and pixelated mobiles from five years ago that you could never figure out a use for so you stuck in your top drawer and forgot about them. Or you can go ahead and send your “old but new devices” into a recycler, and trade-off the ease of the process with the lower offer they will make as opposed to a private buyer, who may be more difficult to deal with. Luckily, mobile company O2 still makes fairly decent bids on new-ish technology, like their current offer of £215.50 on an Apple iPad 3.

Bet you didn’t know that these seemingly useless pieces of junk could accomplish several things at once for you, even in their current state. If you go through a program like popular provider O2’s Recycle initiative, you can not only recycle your old mobile but 1) make a bit of cash, earn a gift certificate or put your credit towards a new phone 2) make a donation towards Think Big, a charity helping youth to help themselves and their communities with £300 grants, and 3) not pay shipping as well as get a phone-back 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Going through O2’s not-for-profit programme nearly necessitates that you will be happy with the exchange, as user feedback praises excellent experiences with their Top Price Promise, a pledge that O2 will match the price of a similar recycling organization who makes you an offer for your old phone. If you find your phone advertised for a higher price, simply complete the easy online form and your Top Price Promise will be fulfilled via cash refund.

The programme is universally accepting, open to MP3 players, tablets, cameras and other electronic goodies from any carrier. Payments for your old gadgets, once you agree to mail it in using the free postal-package that O2 will ship out to you, are usually made on the same day via direct bank transfer. For instance, if I wanted to recycle my old Samsung S3, I would choose to accept O2’s offer of £157 in cash or credit for a new phone. They also offer the option to accept the credit – for an extra 8% reward bonus – on an Amazon gift card, which in this case would total £169.56. None too shabby for a phone I am not even using anymore.

If your device has a cracked screen, water damage or any other kind of physical or internal flaw, simply annotate your form with these details, and a more accurate quote will be provided to you. For example, if my same Samsung were water damaged, O2 would offer me about half the price they would if it were flawless: £78.50.

The Business and School branches of O2 Recycle are available for small-mid sized companies or educational organizations who go through loads of electronic equipment and want to partner with a sustainable, lucrative dumping ground of sorts. O2 representatives will arrive to securely collect your devices at your location, then they will go through a process of data wiping to ensure that, particularly with companies, personal and financial records are not picked up by anyone. Ever. And for schools, the recycling programme is a great way to get teachers to give kids a hands-on lesson about conservation, even when it comes to technology. For those looking to fundraise before they buy their next phone, or just aiming to get rid of stuff, O2’s recycle system is a terrific win-win.


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