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Real-Time Business Intelligence With QuartetFS ActivePilot

Published by on October 26, 2011 under Office

Real-Time Business Intelligence With QuartetFS ActivePilot

Industries functioning based on large amounts of data rely on Online Analytical Processing systems that support aggregation of data in order to provide various possible views of information for further analysis. OLAP can be used by managers, analysts and executives to quickly access essential information that answers questions like “who?”, “what?”, “what if?”, and “why?”, and is widely used for budgeting, financial modelling, performance analysis, allocations, forecasting, sales analysis, market research, promotion analysis, customer segmentation, defect analysis and production planning.

ActivePilot is a real-time OLAP aggregation engine developed by Quartet Financial Systems, a company focused on business activity monitoring and real time business intelligence, to support real-time analytics powered by a transactional engine and multi-threaded processing. Time intelligence is one of the key features required by Online Analytical Processing applications and, thanks to the real-time push technology, ActivePilot supports it based on the capability to aggregate multiple sources of information at the same time, fast navigation, as well as dice filtering. Queries can run continuously, while real-time alerts are generated on Key Performance Indicators.

The open architecture of ActivePilot makes it easy to configure, while providing customization and extension options. It is flexible when it comes to data acquiring and integration from various sources, hypercube configuration, data aggregation within hypercubes, and making the hypercube data available to the client applications. In addition, the object-oriented software framework of ActivePilot is implemented in Java and configured based on XML content to offer in-memory hypercube infrastructure, standard facilities for developing OLAP solutions, as well as interfaces for creating customized solutions.

Quartet Financial Systems offers products used in e-commerce, risk management, logistics and retail, which are designed to be easily integrated into existing architectures to increase flexibility in order to meet various business requirements, which leads to fast ROI.

Benefits of On Line Analytical Processing include the increase of productivity not only for developers and managers, but also for entire organizations. Managers can address issues that would be close to impossible using other systems, while IT developers can deliver their applications in shorter time, offering a better service. Business users, on the other hand, can develop their own models, and organizations have the possibility to respond faster to the latest market demands.


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