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Rage Faces Magnetic Meme

Published by on June 14, 2011 under Home

Rage Faces Magnetic Meme

Create your own comics on the fridge or any magnetic surface by using 32 Rage Faces from the Internet world. It’s a great gift idea for web geeks.

Each set consists of 32 Rage Face magnets that have a nylon UV gloss laminated coating, permitting them to be written with a dry erase marker. One magnet measures 48mm x 54mm and is 30mm thick.

Rage Faces Magnetic Meme

Use the Rage Face magnets to design meaningful or funny messages for your roommates to see on the fridge each morning. From LOL and Troll Face to Epic Win and Mega Face. At Magnetic Meme. One set costs $19.99.

Thanks, Shaine!


2 Replies to "Rage Faces Magnetic Meme"

  1. chris thomas says:

    30mm thick? why you no check dimensions!!!! 😡

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