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New Rado Watches With White Elements

Published by on April 12, 2011 under Mobile

New Rado Watches With White Elements

White stands for purity, precision, simplicity and sophistication – the elements that create the spirit of Rado. Be prepared to taste the new flagrance of Swiss skills with the new collection from Rado.

New Rado Watches With White Elements
New Rado Watches With White Elements
New Rado Watches With White Elements

Rado Integral comes in white and gold or silver, to enhance luxury and bring out the high-tech ceramics, while Rado Ceramica White has metallic silver or gold dials. Rado Centrix White has diamonds on the dial to express elegance and freshness. The Rado D-Star Collection is entirely made with 25 small diamonds on the dial and takes a modern approach on the well known Rado DiaStar, by adding a sporty flavor to it.

No pricing currently available.

Source: Rado Press Release


6 Replies to "New Rado Watches With White Elements"

  1. White Watches says:

    The will give the coin collecting price guide to trade and trade coins on-line.

  2. wow i just love RADO! last christmas i receive a RADO watch from my hubby. I hope he’d give me same present for christmas something like that gold one…heheheh lol 😛

  3. love it!!! :surprised:

  4. Meg says:

    I would love this watch as a christmas present.

  5. Rado centrix says:

    Rado watches are not only just the watches but can be called as today’s style statement. Its Ultra-modern fashion is suitable for any go and maintains a status of living.A fusion of high-tech ceramic and metal, this substance is the result of several years of pioneering research. Ceramos has the same qualities and benefits as high-tech ceramic, being light and easily adjustable to skin temperature. Taking it into a new dimension is a revolutionary injection process used in manufacturing to
    create a unique platinum steel look finish.Sapphire crystal is used in the manufacture of all Rado watches. Convex or flat,it underscores the dynamic profile of Rado watches, and creates a seamless transition from the bracelet and case to the glass.

  6. OAK DOOR MAN says:

    When could the price be available? smile:

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