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Q-pot SH-04D Chocolate Smartphone

Published by on October 18, 2012 under Mobile

Q Pot SH 04D Chocolate Smartphone

After the first edition of the Q-Pot docomo flip smartphone, the chocolate phone, or SH-04B, and the second one, the SH-04C, also known as the biscuit phone, Q-Pot launched a third version last year, featuring the original theme. The latest designer chocolate phone, the SH-04D, by Wakamatsu Tadaaki, is a touschscreen smartphone with only the back plate shaped three-dimensionally like melting chocolate and having a chocolate bar wallpaper pre-loaded. Like the previous two models, the phone was developed in collaboration with Sharp.

This amazing handset comes with the original wireless charger named Chocobed, designed like a chocolate box, which allows you to charge the phone wirelessly by placing it on top. Features include: 3D design for tactile sensation, “sweet” content pre-loaded, waterproof construction, HD 3.7-inch LCD, 8MP camera, and brightness sensor.

Q Pot SH 04D Chocolate Smartphone
Q Pot SH 04D Chocolate Smartphone
“>Q Pot SH 04D Chocolate Smartphone
Q Pot SH 04D Chocolate Smartphone

Although it was announced last year, Q-pot SH-04D was released in February this year for docomo’s customers in Japan, in a limited edition of only 50,000 units.


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