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Power Station 25000 Charges Five Devices

Published by on June 7, 2014 under Mobile

Power Station 25000 Charges Five Devices (1)

The Power Station 25000 is a new device that you can use for recharging up to five devices, simultaneously. This can be done by connecting the smartphones, or other gadget types that you need to charge, to the station via USB cables. Power Station 25000 has five USB ports and would be very useful for when you’re out on a trip with several people who want to keep their devices charged, or when you’re at home and have many family members who can’t find free outlet space.

Power Station 25000 Charges Five Devices (2)

The charging station powers through one outlet and once the internal battery of 25,000 mAh is full, you can use it as a portable power bank for phones, tablets and laptops. Another key feature is the special compartment for cables, where you can store the USB charging cables.

The creators of Power Station 25000 plan to release it in the third quarter of this year, for $97. Read more about the project at Indiegogo.


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