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Pink Products for Breast Cancer Awareness from TEMPTU

Published by on October 4, 2014 under Beauty

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To raise awareness this month about breast cancer, TEMPTU, the makers of the AIRbrush, are promoting their pink products. You can contribute to breast cancer research and, at the same time, get some high-end makeup systems for yourself, by purchasing the Pink Power Deluxe Kit, the Pink Power Complexion Kit, or, in case you already have an AIRbrush system, you can add the Duo or Trio packs of Pink Power AIRpod blushes and foundation to your existing kit. Each of these items comes with a brochure with important information from the National Breast Cancer Association.

The producers of the AIRbrush for makeup created the device for those who want a professional finish without the use of traditional brushes, finger tips or blending sponges. The device is said to provide lightweight and natural-looking coverage quickly and hygienically. To apply the makeup all you need to do is hold the device and use the trigger to control the amount of makeup applied to the skin.

The makeup system uses TEMPU’s own makeup and you can choose your favorite shade for foundation, highlighter, concealer, blush, bronzer, primer, power, and tanning. The AIRbrush works for both face and body and you can control the amount of makeup, from sheer to full coverage.

I’ve never used one of these and I know the system was designed especially for makeup studios, but couldn’t help wondering how to avoid the eye area of people with sensitive eyes. I later read that the AIRbrush applies makeup with high precision.

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The Pink Power Deluxe Kit, which includes foundation, blush and highlighter, is available for $235. The Pink Power Complexion Kit includes foundation and you can get it for $170, while the two sets of AIRpods at TEMPTU start at $75.


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