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Phone Lasso – Review

Published by on May 16, 2012 under Reviews

Phone Lasso - Review

Recently I received a few samples of an interesting phone accessory called Phone Lasso for this review and after using them for a while I think I have enough information to share. I’ve never seen something similar to the Phone Lasso before, so I guess it’s first of its kind. In a few words, this new mobile accessory is a good alternative to your cell phone case, but you can use both if you want to add extra protection for the casing and display.

Phone Lasso - Review

While out, I always keep my phone inside the right pocket of my jeans because it allows me to take it out quickly whenever I need to call someone or answer a call. I insert my hand in the pocket, grab the top of the case, drag it out, take the phone out of the case and finally use the touchscreen to reach the phone’s functions. This takes time and is a bit annoying especially when I have to answer quickly, or when I wear tight jeans. You just need to be careful when dragging the phone out so you won’t break the case or scratch the handset.

The solution to eliminate this small problem that many of us have, is to use a simple phone case replacement that allows you to handle the phone easily. Phone Lasso comes in the form of a patch designed to be applied on the back of your phone, more exactly on the battery cover. It’s made from a soft yet durable cloth-like material which although measures 2 x 3 inch, allows you to adjust it to fit any phone model. You can trim to leave holes for the camera lens or for other small elements characteristic to your handset model. Then you can stick it easily, just like a phone skin or screen protection film.

Phone Lasso - Review
Phone Lasso - Review
Phone Lasso - Review

In addition, the kit comes with a lanyard that you can attach to the patch to keep the phone hanging around your neck. What I like most is that now I can drag my phone out of the jeans pocket faster and that, unlike other sticky skins or films, the Phone Lasso is not affected by summer heat and humidity, so it doesn’t come off. Being so thin, it doesn’t make your phone thicker either.

Phone Lasso - Review

You can find the Phone Lasso on the official website and pick a color that matches your phone’s battery cover. The patch is available in many color combinations and you also have the option to customize it with your logo. Phone Lasso kits can be purchased for $5.99.


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