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Paint With Color Liquid Light

Published by on February 16, 2011 under Decor

Guest post written by Alex P.
Paint With Color Liquid Light

If you like the light or if you like to color, this liquid will do both. Don’t believe it? It seems from another planet, but it’s true. This paint, called AlsaLume, is the first liquid light. Even if you’re in a dark place this paint will light up. It can be sprayed on shirts or on socks, in case you want to run at night.

Paint With Color Liquid Light

From now on you can paint with light. It’s safe, fun and lasts between 12 and 24 hours, as the paint persists based on the temperature and the surface which it was used on.

It can be used as sprayer, as marker, or just as a mini-sprayer and is available in 5 different colors: red, blue, orange, yellow and green.

Paint With Color Liquid Light
Paint With Color Liquid Light

To order the AlsaLume product just go to the Alsa official site. The price is of $79 for one color kit.

Source: AVING


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