Lifestyle Gadget Blog - Part 8

Never Lose Your Phone with Duet Bluetooth Tag

Published by on May 31, 2014 under Mobile

Lose Phone Duet Bluetooth Tag (1)

Sometimes it happens to forget where you’ve placed the smartphone. You could forget it in a taxi or someone could stole it, while there’s also the possibility for it to drop from your pocket without you to notice. When mistakes happen, a tiny gadget like Duet lets you alerts you to start looking for the smartphone right away. Read more

DouBBleTime Doubles the Charging Time for Android Smartphones

Published by on May 28, 2014 under Mobile

DouBBleTime Doubles Charging Time Android Smartphones

Have you ever wondered why your phone is charging so slow while connected to the computer via the USB cable? That’s because the USB cable included with your phone is not for charging the battery, but for data transfer between the phone and computer. When you connect the phone with the cable, the phone is provided with limited electric energy. If you want to use other functions as well, such as those that require more power, like GPS, charging becomes even slower. The good news is that you can you a special cable that doubles the charging speed. Read more

Oregon Scientific SoothePad Massager

Published by on May 27, 2014 under Workout

Oregon Scientific SoothePad Massager (1)

SoothePad from Oregon Scientific is a new device that massages your body’s problem areas to relieve muscle tension. Unlike massage devices that use vibrations or vibration programs, SoothePad adds pressure on the areas where t’s applied and provides five soothing programs. You can choose your desired program to soothe muscle aches and even tone up your body. Read more

Shutter Ball Works as a Remote Camera Shutter

Published by on May 25, 2014 under Mobile

Shutter Ball Remote Camera Shutter (1)

I have a great phone with one of the best cameras I’ve found at the time I was looking for a new smartphone and I needed it to record HD videos and take perfect photos whenever I need. The only problem with these is that when you need to capture yourself you can’t control the camera in front of you if you don’t hold it in hand. That means you’d need a remote shutter button like this one. Read more

Integral LED Auto Sensor Night Light

Published by on May 24, 2014 under Home

Integral LED Auto Sensor Night Light (3)

The night light from Integral LED produces a white, calming glow during night, when you need to reach the bathroom through the hallway. Besides the minimalist and beautiful design, the night light automatically switches On at night and Off in the morning. Read more

Griffin Technologies Identity Cases for iPhone

Published by on May 24, 2014 under Mobile

Griffin Technologies Identity Cases for iPhone

The new Identity cases for iPhone were launched by Griffin Technology to allow you to express your personal style through the mobile accessory. The new cases fit the iPhone 5/5s and offer protection and hundreds of looks. They are slim and rugged, featuring a protective bumper and a back plate. Read more

Create Art for Coffee and Desserts with the CinniBird Pen

Published by on May 24, 2014 under Home

Create Art for Coffee and Desserts with the CinniBird Pen (5)

A team of product designers from Hungary created a kitchen gadget shaped like a bird or dolphin that allows anyone to create beautiful art on coffee, desserts and other types of drinks or foods. The tool is called CinniBird and you have to load it with ground material such as cinnamon, cocoa, red beet, pepper, paprika, ground sugar, and parsley, to make creative drawings and messages of drinks and foods. Read more

Logitech Bemo Social Camera

Published by on May 19, 2014 under Mobile

Logitech Bemo Social Camera (4)

Bemo is a new mobile device that packs the right functions to allow you to capture important moments in your life, anywhere you are. The device was recently launched by Logitech and is a social camera that clips onto your shirt’s pocket or jeans’ pocket so it can record what’s in front of you. Read more

Android and iOS File Swapper

Published by on May 17, 2014 under Mobile

Android and iOS File Swapper (1)

Transferring files between Android and iPhone smartphones is impossible without an adapter, as the two devices use different connectors, but the file swapper from Hammacher Schlemmer comes with USB and 30-pin connectors on the sides, including a Lightning adapter. With it you can transfer 16GB of images, audio, video, and documents between Android smartphones and iOS devices, or even computers. Read more

The Always On Station from Unikia

Published by on May 17, 2014 under Mobile

The Always On Station from Unikia (6)

Not long ago I wanted to give my husband a nice gift and I was looking for something unexpected and but useful, so I decided to get a laptop table. That’s how I got the chance to see different table styles and finally I got one with enough space for a 15-inch laptop and a wireless mouse, while it also has a built-in cooler that activates as you connect the retractable USB cable to the laptop.

What I like about Unikia’s Always On Station is that it offers plenty of room for many office accessories, but without sacrificing the weight and size of the table which has to be lightweight and small so it can be carries easily. Read more