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Ebooks Taking Over the Books Market

Published by on December 20, 2012 under Mobile

Ebooks Taking Over the Books MarketTechnology was always going to have an effect on the world of books, even before the development of Ebooks and Ebook readers consumers were reading less thanks to the variety of media immediately available.

But now with the popularity of the Amazon Kindle, Ereaders and Ereader apps the book is very much up to date and oh so easy to consume. Increasing numbers are now purchasing in the digital format rather than print, so much so that digital copy sales are now overtaking print.

Growth in Ebook sales

Of course the introduction of Ebooks to the market has meant a major growth in digital book sales. It could even be said that the growth in Ebook sales has meant an increase in sales overall. Young people are more likely to spend disposable income on a version of a book that’s portable rather than a print copy. Read more

Gadgets That Keep you Warm This Winter

Published by on December 17, 2012 under Outdoors

Shoe Warmer

Gadgets That Keep you Warm This Winter

Using the hair dryer takes long time and is energy-consuming; that’s why a system developed specifically to warm shoes would be the best choice if you want to keep boots and shoes dry, warm, ready to take on.
The device takes care of shoes, boots, wellies, slippers, and even gloves, quickly and safely. It’s made from metal and doubles as a stand for when you need to have your favorite winter shoes handy. Read more

Cherry Blossoms LED Trees for a Magic Atmosphere

Published by on December 13, 2012 under Decor

Cherry Blossoms LED Trees for a Magic Atmosphere

There are plenty of home gadgets you could choose to change your living room atmosphere completely, starting with a modern and simplistic furniture and continuing with some high-end home cinema wireless interconnected devices. For your intimate room environment one recommendation would be this cool Cherry Blossoms LED Trees from Signals, available in three variants: a White Cherry Blossoms LED Tree to keep it simplistic, the Red Cherry Blossoms LED Tree for extra passion, and the Pink Cherry Blossoms LED Tree to inspire youth and pleasure of living. Read more

Olive One All-in-one HD Home Music Player

Published by on December 12, 2012 under Home

Olive One All in one HD Home Music Player

Have you ever imagined of having a central music player system through which to share everything you enjoy listening with other family members, guests and even facebook friends? That’s possible now if you get your hands on an Olive One. This is a new high-end music gadget designed for home use, packing all the functions you need to store, access and organize music. Read more

Organic Case for Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Published by on December 10, 2012 under Mobile

Organic Case for Your Samsung Galaxy S3

If I had a Samsung Galaxy S3, this case would be my first choice for protecting it. FreshFiber Macedonia caught my eye a while ago while I was browsing the Internet and I love the organic design and how it looks over the back of the handset. Read more

Boat Bowl for Salad

Published by on December 9, 2012 under Home

Boat Bowl for Salad

What other serving could make you feel closer to the sea than this boat-shaped salad bowl that would stand out on a minimalist table on your terrace? Called New Wave, this salad bowl is made of lightweight aluminum and sheesham wood, measuring 15 x 6 x 5 inch and coming with matching serving utensils. Read more

Women Rocking Men’s Rolex Watches

Published by on December 9, 2012 under Mobile

Women Rocking Mens Rolex Watches

If you haven’t noticed already, it seems the trend has been that watches have been getting bigger and bigger for both Men’s and Women’s styles. I guess as a result for women wanting something even bigger than what they have in a “Ladies” size, many celebrities have actually started rocking Men’s watches. Being celebrities, they only want the best of the best and many have been spotted wearing Men’s Rolex watches. Read more

Levitating LED Lamp

Published by on December 9, 2012 under Decor

Levitating LED Lamp

Levitron is not only an energy-efficient desk lamp that uses the LED technology to produce light, but also a unique product that would impress your guests, because the top part looks like levitating. The lamp features six LED lights that shine up and three lights which shine down from the bottom side and you can activate both light sets using the touch switches, to create a warm glow in the room. Read more

How is the new iPhone different from the iPhone 4S

Published by on December 6, 2012 under Mobile

How is the new iPhone different from the iPhone 4SThe new iPhone doesn’t look hugely different to the 4S. It is still recognizable as a typical iPhone; however, when you put them side by side the differences become more apparent. You can see that although the width of the phones is the same, the 5 is taller, packing in a larger 4-inch screen, and weighs significantly less. The iPhone 5 can be found in many phone retailers such as Phones4u who are currently all looking to give the best mobile phone deals for this handset.

The specs of the camera for the iPhone 4S and the 5 are the same; both are 8 megapixels and both use LED flash. The lens has been redesigned; a Sapphire lens to let in more light and therefore create superior quality images. A couple of additions like panorama mode and the ability to take pictures much faster than before are nice improvements for the iPhone 5, but there aren’t many other new settings or features. The strength of the 4S and the 5 is that they take great quality images for you to tinker with as you wish on a different device.

There are only a couple of new differences for the video camera on the 5. You now have the ability to take pictures while recording, and video stabilization is a useful addition, especially if you are a budding film maker. At 720p, the forward facing camera has been improved greatly. Your Facetime calls will be much clearer, and you can take great quality pictures and videos of yourself. It’s also HD now, and much smoother when held up against the 4S forward facing camera. Read more

The God Particle Watch

Published by on December 4, 2012 under Mobile

The God Particle Watch

How would you like to have a symbol of the Universe on your wrist? Well, it doesn’t look very realistic, but still has a cool design and displays time in an unusual way, with a moving hands spiral. The God Particle Watch, also known as the Higgs Boson Watch has an eye-catching design inspired by the Higgs particle that decays into other bosons during collision. Read more