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Adjustable Minimalist LED Lamp

Published by on February 17, 2013 under Home

Adjustable Minimalist LED Lamp

What I like about this lamp is that it can be set vertically or horizontally wither on a desk, on the floor, on a wall, or on the ceiling, held by the stand. The LED technology makes it a great night light in dark areas because it consumes less energy and this lamp features 4 LED lights and 1W power, using 3 AAA batteries. Read more

Find Your Dream Dress at MissesDressy

Published by on February 14, 2013 under Beauty

Find Your Dream Dress at MissesDressy (12)

Recently I had the chance to find the most spectacular, elegant and feminine dresses I’ve ever seen, at the online shop of New York-based! There you can find any dress style, for any personality type, any age and any occasion, while the creations come from talented designers, at reasonable prices.

If you are like me and can’t easily decide which dress to pick, or don’t know what design matches a specific occasion, you can browse the dedicated sections at the shop and discover amazing creations in Prom Dresses, Bridal, Cocktail Dresses, or Evening Dresses, or find your style in each designer category. My favorite designs are of Jovani. Read more

How iPads Are Revolutionising Education

Published by on February 13, 2013 under Mobile

How iPads Are Revolutionising EducationThe classroom has certainly changed in the few years since the iPad revolution took over the world. The iPad has transformed the way school children use it in the home and the classroom. It has become a commonplace and significant tool for education. Aside from the easy attention it commands from students who enjoy engaging with the iPad as a multimedia platform, teachers can use them to improve teaching efficiency and standards.

Effective use of the iPad in the classroom Given its relative newness in schools, often teachers are unsure how to implement the iPad effectively in their teaching, especially as they are an expensive item and there are obvious risks involved in handing them out to students. But this is no reason to avoid them; the paperless classroom for both student and teacher can be achieved with ease through using the iPad and the ever increasing number of apps that provide new and innovative teaching methods. Read more

Win a liGo Bluewave Link to Mobile Hub and 20% OFF Vouchers!

Published by on February 11, 2013 under Giveaways

Win a LiGo Bluewave and 20 percent OFF Vouchers (1)

LiGo has partnered with us to give away one LiGo Bluewave to a lucky blog reader. The gadget you can win was designed to be used in those homes where people need to answer or place mobile phone calls right away, from anywhere they are, even when there’s no landline. This way you won’t miss important calls anymore and you have the possibility to make urgent calls in case something bad happens that prevents you from reaching your cell phone.

Cool features of LiGo Bluewave include the Bluetooth technology which enables it to pair with up to 3 mobile phones wirelessly, the plug-and-play capability so you can use it right out of the box, customizable ring tones, voice dialing, caller ID, call waiting between multiple phones, and optional wall mounting. Network compatibility is for PSTN, VoIP and PBX and the price is of £99.99. Read more

Energizer XP4001 Portable Charger Hands-on Review

Published by on February 9, 2013 under Reviews

Energizer XP4001 Portable Charger Hands on Review (10)

I often go to malls in the afternoon so me and my husband need to have our cell phones with us because in busy days at the supermarket we have to split and call each other so we don’t get lost. As I need 4 hours of wandering through shops to feel satisfied, I have to leave home early and sometimes I find my phone’s battery almost empty. When that happens, I ask my husband to wait at least half an hour to charge the phone a bit before leaving. That’s annoying for someone for whom time matters, but with a portable charger the problem is solved, finally! Read more

Norton – The Next Reputation Protector?

Published by on February 8, 2013 under Office

Norton The Next Reputation Protector

Slowly but surely people are beginning to learn about the importance of “online reputation management” and large companies (like Google) have been leading the way in helping consumers learn about the perils of online identity and how to deal with it through search engine reputation management.

But a new giant has entered the fray in the way of Norton, the personal computer security giant has decided to delve into the reputation management service in a unique way by offering users the chance to “edit their first result” and decide what content they actively show when their name is searched. Read more

Some Valentine’s Day Ideas

Published by on February 3, 2013 under Mobile

After browsing web stores for fresh suggestions for Valentine’s Day, I’ve gathered the most interesting ones and here they are!

Personalized Wall Art

Love is in the air wall art

Do you have an empty wall that you wanted to place something on? Red Envelope offers this nice “Love is in the air” wall art that you can personalize with names and year, like in the image. The stretch canvas on the wood construction shows the word “love” and flying butterflies, while at the bottom you can add your own message. The decorative product sells for $79.95 at Red Envelope. Read more

Focalprice Digital Caliper Hands-on Review

Published by on January 31, 2013 under Reviews

Focalprice Digital Caliper Hands on Review (3)

Since a few months ago I have been learning to work with silver and make jewelry at home, in the kitchen, so when Focalprice contacted me to send a product sample for review, I decided to pick something essential for my jewelry toolbox, a digital caliper. Before choosing the right model, I spent some time browsing reviews to see what others think about this product. As I’m a beginner in working with metals, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a caliper and I discovered that this caliper offers quality for an affordable price. Read more

Making Your Emails More Secure With Digital IDs

Published by on January 31, 2013 under Office

Making Your Emails More Secure With Digital IDsDid you know that normal emails are about as secure as sending a postcard? When you send an email, you are sending a message that is usually routed through several mail servers, each one easily capable of logging the contents of your email. If you care about your online security, then you will know that sending any kind of sensitive data via an email is asking for trouble. However, there are ways to make your email more trusted, and also encrypt your emails so that you can send sensitive data via email without worrying about people – or machines – reading your emails. If you use a digital certificate to secure your emails, the recipients of your emails can be sure that you are the person who sent it. If you have also encrypted the email, they can also be sure that no-one else has read it on the way.

By digitally signing your emails with a Digital ID, you are showing the recipients of your emails that they can trust you. The certificates that you can get are usually recognized by many popular email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and so on. Read more

Thanko Chisseina Miniature Cam 2

Published by on January 29, 2013 under Mobile

Thanko Chisseina Miniature Cam 2

This mini camera allows you to take photos on the go and record videos at 30 frames per second. The resolution is pretty high for such a small camera. The model captures still images at 5MP, but in addition to the standard camera features, the gadget can also store images, videos and audio on the microSD or microSDHC card that you have to insert and can be of up to 32GB. Read more

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