Lifestyle Gadget Blog - Part 42

Choosing the Best E-Reader

Published by on December 3, 2012 under Mobile

Choosing the Best E ReaderThe way in which people are reading the latest bestsellers is changing beyond all recognition. Libraries and bookstores are struggling to retain their customers, as people continue to opt for electronic versions of the latest books. There are now several websites that allow people to buy and download an entire ebook in just a matter of seconds. The ability to browse thousands of older titles gives people flexibility and access they have never had. However, there are several options when it comes to selecting the best e-reader for the job, and coming to a final decision can be tricky. Read more

Stylish Perfume Atomizer Awarded Best Beauty Gadget

Published by on December 2, 2012 under Beauty

Stylish Perfume Atomizer Awarded Best Beauty Gadget

What I like about this perfume atomizer is that it’s travel-friendly, stylish and shows the remaining fragrance. The capacity of 4 ml should be enough for 40 or more sprays of your favorite fragrance, while you can hide the atomizer anywhere, even inside a small jacket or purse pocket. Read more

Lindy USB Port Lock Hands-on Review

Published by on December 1, 2012 under Reviews

Lindy USB Port Lock Hands on Review

Whether you’re an organization or a home user, working in a school or from the comfort of your home, computer data protection is an essential task you have to take care of starting with the Internet/network security software and ending with user access to the hardware. Let me recommend you a tool that shouldn’t miss from your data loss prevention toolkit, the USB Port Lock from Lindy. Read more

Living Life on the Go: The Benefits of Technology

Published by on November 26, 2012 under Mobile

Living Life on the Go The Benefits of TechnologyTechnology is everywhere these days. Not only is it versatile, it has become a useful and integral part of everyday life.

We have looked at a few devices and technological innovations that have made a major impact on modern life. If you don’t have any of these, it might only be a matter of time.

The Mobile Life

The mobile phone, it can be argued, is one of the biggest examples of how much technology can change our life. The mobile phone and its modern smartphone equivalent are everywhere.

If you’re worried about costs, then perhaps you should look at alternatives to the traditional contracts. If you save up to buy the phone, you can make savings utilizing free sim cards. These use a pay as you go service, so it’s up to you exactly how much you spend…..and how. Read more

Angry Birds Air Swimmers

Published by on November 23, 2012 under Fun

Angry Birds Air Swimmers

Air swimmers are some of the best gifts for kids and if it’s an angry bird, then it’s perfect. Kids would go crazy about playing with one of these because they are huge and can be controlled to fly from room to room. Read more

The Gun Comb

Published by on November 23, 2012 under Beauty

The Gun Comb

Looking for unusual accessories to replace some of your old ones? For those with sense of humor and who maybe don’t care much about the hair comb, a gun-shaped comb would probably be great. The accessory comes in white or black under the name Gun Comb. Read more

Bubblewrap Calendar 2013 Allows You to Pop Bubbles to Mark Days

Published by on November 21, 2012 under Home

Bubblewrap Calendar 2013 Allows You to Pop Bubbles to Mark Days

This is a cool wall calendar and is available online as the Bubblewrap Calendar 2013. Days are covered in bubbles that you can pop daily to have fun and remove some stress, or just to mark important days. Read more

New Smart Watch Designed by Susan Kare

Published by on November 21, 2012 under Mobile

New Smart Watch Designed by Susan Kare

Designed to display Susan Kare’s iconic graphics, the new MetaWatch is a limited edition wrist watch released by Strata Smartwatch company. Susan Kare is known for many graphic elements introduced in the Apple Macintosh interface back in 1980s. The new watch model she imagined combines style with high-end mobile technologies to deliver a high-quality mobile companion that connects to Apple and Android devices via the Bluetooth technology. Read more

On-Site Shredding, the Best Way to Discard Outdated Documents

Published by on November 20, 2012 under Office

OnSite Shredding the Best Way to Discard Outdated DocumentsAnybody who owns an office is well aware of the innumerable number of documents that are generated each day. To maintain this huge pile of documents and being able to derive these when they are required is a mammoth task in itself. Then there is also the problem of confidentiality. The documents which contain important data about the company have to be discarded immediately after they have served the purpose they were intended for. In order to enable companies in this process of maintaining their records well and eliminating documents that are no longer necessary but are important nonetheless, on-site shredding services have been conceptualized. Read more

The Grow Watch

Published by on November 19, 2012 under Mobile

The Grow Watch

Designed with organic/fluid details to give you the impression that elements are growing into each other, the Grow Watch has a look close to the muscle fibres underneath the wrist skin rather than a mechanical device that displays time. The idea comes from Andrea Morgante from Shiro Studio, while the watch is made at Seiko in Japan and branded by Alessi. Read more