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I’ve been framed!… but at least it’s customized.

Published by on May 2, 2013 under Decor

Ive been framed but at least its customizedNow is the time to start putting together your summer accessories. You ladies – with your discriminating sense of style – who want to wow your friends at the beach, will want to be ready with more than one pair of shades with custom sunglasses that declare your unique flair! Here are some places to go on the web to choose from an array of existing styles, and some where you can create your own custom frames.

Nectar and Knockaround are good places to start. Both sites offer a very standard frame in a dazzling array of colors, and Knockabout also has a wire rimmed model. At either site you can mix and match the colors by choosing one color for the front, another for the sides, or choose a more elaborate scheme in multiple colors, especially with the build your own feature at Nectar. They have pastels, translucent plastic, translucent with flecks, tortoise shell, snow leopard, and so forth. Inkhead also offers a wide variety of frames styles, colors, and customization options. Read more

Adamas and Aurora iPhone 5 from Continental Mobiles

Published by on May 2, 2013 under Mobile

Adamas and Aurora iPhone 5 from Continental Mobiles (1)

These are the latest two luxury smartphones launched by Continental Mobiles, named Adamas and Aurora. Designed with diamonds, gold, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and black diamonds to reflect not only beauty and wealth but also craftsmanship of master artisans at Continental Mobiles, the two iPhone 5 smartphones are available as limited editions of only a few pieces. Read more

How To Achieve A Professional Blow-Dry At Home

Published by on April 30, 2013 under Beauty

How To Achieve A Professional Blow Dry At Home

Do you want look like a million dollars without it costing the earth? Believe it or not, it’s exceptionally easy to do your own blowout at home. You don’t need salon products for professional results.


Prepare Your Hair

Before you even plug-in your hairdryer, you should prepare your strands for heavy heat. Thermal protection can come in spray or oil forms, but you can also use multi-purpose mousses that create volume too. Don’t use too much product or your salon blowout will suffer. It may even make your tresses appear greasy.


Choose Your Style Weapons Wisely

It’s always worth investing in a high quality hairdryer with a fitted nozzle. This’ll control airflow and protect your hair from raw heat. Salon clips and a round brush are also important for the finished look.

Read more

Frixion Pen – My Favorite Handwriting Tool

Published by on April 23, 2013 under Office

Frixion Pen My Favorite Handwriting Tool (1)

Since I stopped writing by hand years ago, when I got my first computer, my handwriting got ugly and it’s just hard for me to control a writing tool. Recently I discovered a new passion, jewelry making, and while learning stone setting techniques and how to work with metals, different design ideas come up to me and since I’m not used with writing on paper anymore, I always forget the ideas. That’s why I discovered these erasable pens so late, while wandering in a shop, but now I’m a fan of these and want to share with you why. Read more

GSMArena Petition to Keep Smartphones Small

Published by on April 23, 2013 under Mobile

GSMArena Petition to Keep Smartphones Small

Is there anyone left who supports this new trend of creating larger smartphones packing more capabilities, or you are one of us who want to get high performance without sacrificing portability? Recently, GSMArena had this great idea to initiate a campaign for collecting signatures for a petition called „Android phone manufacturers: Start making mid-size smartphones with high-end specs.”. Read more

Cool Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Published by on April 21, 2013 under Mobile

Cool Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 (2)

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the highly-anticipated smartphone that now is available for pre-orders in many stores around the globe. Samsung wanted to create a a new spectacular smartphone that packs even more features than its predecessor so that it can help you with all of your daily tasks. They wanted to create a true digital life companion. Let’s see what the cool features brought by the S4 are, to find out if they made it! Read more

Guaranteed Ethical SEO Services

Published by on April 19, 2013 under Office

Guaranteed Ethical SEO ServicesRegardless of the type of content your website promotes, you can’t have success without taking care of search engine optimization. Whether you have an online shop or are a service provider, at some point, when the business starts growing considerably, you need to hand over the work of SEO to the team behind a company that specializes in SEO services.

There are lots of such companies to choose from, and you can quickly find a list on the internet, but the competition is high and they all try to offer the best services at attractive costs. This is a good thing for you as a consumer, and if you take some time to get recommendations, you’ll know which SEO service providers use ethical methods to rank your business highest in the search engines, so your traffic grows to generate highest sales. My list of recommendations for example, would include a company called “beanstalk”, and should definitely be included in your list of possibilities to research. Read more

HANDeBand Enables Secure Hand Grip for Your Devices

Published by on April 17, 2013 under Mobile

HANDeBand Enables Secure Hand Grip for Your Devices (1)

To protect your tablet or smartphone you already use screen protectors and cases, but one of the latest solutions is the HANDeBand. The accessory attaches to the back of the device so it would be helpful while browsing the web on the smartphone or when using a small or lightweight tablet, or e-book reader, which you can hold in one of your hands, using the other for typing and swiping. Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 WiFi Released

Published by on April 16, 2013 under Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 8 WiFi Released in Stores

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet announced by Samsung a few days ago pre-loads great tech capabilities and apps for work and mobile entertainment. Optimised for PC-like multi-tasking and productivity, the tablet lets you use 2 applications side-by-side, while the Multi-Window supports 20 applications. AirView allows you to preview content without the need to open files and folders, while the AllSharePlay can be used to access computer files remotely or to share mobile content to your TV. In the Polaris Office app you can add handwritten notes as well as drawings in documents and there’s also Awesome Note for when you need to customize items such as colors, icons, fonts, and backgrounds. Group Play lets users work together by sharing content. Read more

Romo the Smartphone Robot

Published by on April 10, 2013 under Mobile

Romo the Smartphone Robot

Romo was a a project showcased at Kickstarter, which now is a real product available for purchase online, thanks to all the people who loved the idea and supported it. The team who developed Romo at Romotive wanted to create the cutest portable personal robot that connects to your iOS smartphone and uses apps to help keeping you optimistic at home or in your office throughout the day, while helping you with some daily tasks. Read more

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