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Bluetooth Gloves for Answering Calls with a Call Me Sign

Published by on March 6, 2013 under Mobile

Bluetooth Gloves for Answering Calls with a Call Me Sign (2)

The gadget on the top of the list for the next winter season is definitely the Bluetooth Gloves! The wearable technology here features powerful speaker and microphone in the left glove’s thumb and the pinky, while buttons for answering and ending phone calls are sewn into the right wrist. This way you can talk on the phone while using the „call me” sign. How cool is that? Read more

Konica Minolta bizhub C754 Delivers Everything You Need for Your Business Environment

Published by on March 5, 2013 under Office

Konica Minolta bizhub C754 Delivers Everything Your Need for Your Business Environment (2)

The A3 range of multi-function printers from Konica Minolta was named the Line of the Year for the third consecutive year, by Buyers Lab, for the image quality, reliability, ease of use, and productivity features of the systems focused on meeting the requirements of business environments. The latest model in the awarded range is bizhub C754, a laser printer that can prints scan, copy, and fax, being designed to enable printing speeds of 75 ppm in mono and 60 ppm in color mode, producing high-quality documents in the shortest time, to increase productivity.

Other key features of the multi-function laser printer include an innovative large color display with Flick and Drag functionality, 1200 dpi resolution, support for many paper sizes, support for weighs up to 300 gsm, sheet capacity of 6,650, support for tab printing, tri-fold printing, booklet printing, the possibility to produce originals on SRA3, and single-pass dual scanning for up to 180 pages per minute. Using the PageScope mobile application, users can print and scan from or to smartphones or other devices, directly to bizhub devices within the network. More than that, the system comes with support for Konica Minolta software as well as third-party applications. Read more

Silicone Wireless Speaker

Published by on March 5, 2013 under Mobile

Silicone Wireless Speaker (3)

This cool-looking wireless speaker designed by Antonio Arevalo is made from silicone and produces 85dB. You can connect it to the audio source wirelessly, via Bluetooth, which means it’s a great sound gadget for traveling, as it pairs with your phone. Read more

How the internet is changing education

Published by on March 5, 2013 under Office

How the internet is changing educationThe internet has long been pegged as the technology that will remove the limitations of modern education systems, but those predictions are only now starting to become a reality. While universities are expensive and inaccessible for many, the internet offers a unique way to learn, enabling all online users to expand their education. Affordable laptops are available from online IT stockists such as Misco, alongside tablets and even smartphones which can also connect to the net, allowing students to be online 24/7. So how has this changed the way we learn?

Independent study

The internet encourages a far greater level of independent study, allowing people to take online courses and learn about specific topics that interest them, encouraging self-motivated learning. Such is the popularity of sites like Wikipedia – which collate information and sources on a vast range of topics – that learning online has become less of a chore and more of a hobby for many. Read more

Allview P5 Quad – The Most Affordable High End Smartphone

Published by on March 2, 2013 under Mobile

Allview P5 Quad The Most Affordable High End Smartphone (2)

I was a bit surprised I couldn’t find Allview phones on GSMArena, so I decided to research on it in other places on the web, and that’s because I heard the handset is a high-end model launched at a very low price. Indeed, the Allview P5 Quad, released at Mobile World Congress 2013 by a Romanian company, is an elegant and minimalist smartphone powered by a quad-core Cortex-A7 processor that runs at 1GHz speeds. More than that, the handset comes with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, also featuring an 8MP camera, Yamaha audio amplifier, 3G HSDPA+ 21,4 Mbps, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP and EDR, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n with tethering, expandable storage, a 4.5-inch multitouch display, Dual SIM, and a 2100mAh Li-Polimer battery that enables up to 5 hours of talk time in 3G or 230 hours of standby. Read more

Must haves: the top (non-Apple) smartphones of 2013

Published by on March 1, 2013 under Mobile

While many phone fans are cradling their iPhone 5 and waiting eagerly for the next tweaks by way of the 5s (expected this summer), others will have a keen eye on the latest offerings from all the other manufacturers.

There are some very interesting handsets out there, and if you check out the price on sites such as E2Save, you’re sure to find most a lot cheaper than the typical Apple iPhone. Here’s our look at the top phones to look out for:

Sony Xperia Z

Must haves the top non Apple smartphones of 2013 sony xperia z

You can’t keep a good brand like Sony down, and after a few misses, it looks set to make a big splash again with the Xperia Z. Why so? Because it utilises a five-inch 1080p HD screen using Sony’s Bravia technology, a quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon Krait processor, a 13-megapixel camera and 2GB RAM, as well as storage capacity of 16GB, which can even be expanded. It’s an impressive spec, but it needs to be to put Sony back on the map. Read more

Alcatel One Touch Series Amazes with Design and High End Features

Published by on February 28, 2013 under Mobile

Alcatel One Touch Series Amazes with Design and High End Features ONE TOUCH STAR

Alcatel showcased its latest smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2013 and I must say these are some of the coolest designs I’ve ever seen! The company’s One Touch series now includes the Idol X, Idol Ultra, Idol, and Star smartphones, all coming in several stylish colors, for every taste, in the slimmest and lightest form factor available on the market. Alcatel created these handsets for those focused on style, without compromising performance. Read more

Useful Smartphone Apps That Save Time and Money for the Over 50s

Published by on February 28, 2013 under Mobile

Money Saving Apps

This infographic from Castle Cover takes a look at some of the top money saving apps for daily activities. View the interactive version here.

The latest statistics have shown that during the last years, more and more people over 50s have become interested in using smartphones. I guess there are two main reasons for that. One would be that older people discovered they could benefit from using an advanced phone with many functions, while the other one would be that user interfaces have become more intuitive and much easier to use, even for those of us who don’t have patience to learn complex tasks. Read more

Wowza Media Server Packs Everything You Need for Content Streaming

Published by on February 26, 2013 under Office

Wowza Media Server Packs Everything You Need for Content StreamingThere are many sectors where content streaming is important and whether it’s about a non-profit organization needing to stream lectures and exhibitions, a university campus with comprehensive lectures featuring multimedia content, an independent film service offering private access to media content to fans, or an online TV service, Wowza Media Server packs all the tools you need.

Developed by the award-winning Wowza Media Systems, the unified streaming media and video software solution allows you to stream your content at high speeds of 10 Gbps across desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablet computers, set-top boxes, and game consoles, regardless of the operating system, which can be Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, or Solaris. Read more

Karoto Peeler

Published by on February 26, 2013 under Home

Karoto Peeler (2)

Karoto is a sharpener but for carrots. The kitchen tool has the shape of a classic pen sharpener but comes in a larger size so you can use it to peel your carrots and decorate cakes with very thin carrot layers. Read more

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