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Hands-on Review: Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard is Great for Smartphones

Published by on July 10, 2013 under Reviews

Hands on Review Mini Bluetooth 30 Keyboard is Great for Smartphones 2 (2)

The reason I wanted a mini keyboard with wireless connectivity was that sometimes I want to compose long email messages, fill online questionnaires and publish blog posts. For these I felt I needed something larger than the virtual keyboard of my smartphone and increased mobility to be able to look at the screen while typing from any position. Using a mini Bluetooth keyboard is like operating a miniature computer and it’s great! Read more

Traveling Without Ugly Roaming Charges

Published by on July 9, 2013 under Mobile

Traveling Without Ugly Roaming ChargesSummer time is here, you know what that means…trips, trips and more trips! If you’re planning any upcoming big summer adventures this year, you are sure to have a giant check list of things to do. But what may not be on your to-do list or even really come to mind for you, your cell phone.

That’s right, your cell phone. You may not have accounted for all of the roaming charges that can occur while you go gallivanting on holiday trips. Plan on traveling across the globe? Your cell phone may not even work outside of your country, and many phones that claim they do charge an arm in the leg! So what’s the solution… perhaps you should consider looking into a provider or a company which specializes in unlocking cell phones. In short, an unlocked cell phone allows you to actually use local service providers while abroad which results in a significant cut down on rates that would normally apply. Read more

Hands-on Review: Digital BIA Skin Analyzer

Published by on July 7, 2013 under Reviews

Hands on Review Digital BIA Skin Analyzer (3)

Functioning based on the BIA method, this small device was designed to analyze your skin and display the levels of moisture, oil and softness. Bioelectrical impedance analysis, in short BIA, is a method used to estimate the body composition by determining the opposition to the flow of an electric current that passes through the tissues. Although the latest BIA devices, such as the one I’m reviewing today, are more accurate than the early models, BIA doesn’t represent a reference method, but the digital device is still fun to use, so let’s see how it works. Read more

Hands-on Review: Minimalist Silver Stylus

Published by on June 30, 2013 under Reviews

Hands on Review Minimalist Silver Stylus (1)

I got this nice stylus for a blog review and it comes directly from China, in a simple design. As it was designed for smartphones, the stylus is small and slim, feeling like a business silver pen in your hand. The tip is soft, made from a rubber-like material to enable smooth navigation through your phone’s interface. Read more

Importance of Local SEO

Published by on June 29, 2013 under Office

Importance of Local SEOMost businesses have some form of SEO on their site. If not, they’re missing out on a lot of traffic which would increase their page rank considerably. One reason why some sites get ahead of others is simply because they have a better SEO strategy. Read more

Multifunctional Tool Pen

Published by on June 28, 2013 under Office

Multifunctional Tool Pen

The Tech Tool Pen seems to be a useful accessory for those who need to take notes, measure things, screw/unscrew, and check to see if a something is straight. The multifunctional pen features several tools in one. Read more

Read While Lying in Bed With Lazy Readers

Published by on June 27, 2013 under Home

Read While Lying in Bed With Lazy Readers (1)

Gizoo offers these reading glasses to those who prefer to keep reading books while lying in bed in a comfortable position that also prevents back pain. You can use these anywhere you like to read while lying but I would wear them only in my room because I wouldn’t like to look funny though. Read more

DentalVibe Makes Dental Injections Painless

Published by on June 27, 2013 under Workout

DentalVibe Makes Dental Injections Painless

One cause of fear of going to the dentist is the fear of needles and injections. To be sincere, I don’t remember having felt pain during dental injections but that depends on the substance and treatment I guess. Well, I have some good news for those of you who are scared of needles and are sensitive to this type of injections. DentalVibe is a new device created for dentists, which uses the VibraPulse technology to send soothing pulsations into your oral cavity during the injection process. The effect is a painless experience. Read more

myType Keyboard – Foldable Wireless Keyboard for Smartphones and Tablets

Published by on June 27, 2013 under Mobile

myType Keyboard Foldable Wireless Keyboard for Smartphones and Tablets (3)

I really need a wireless keyboard for my smartphone because when I’m out I sometimes need to fill questionnaires or write something for my blog. A mini Bluetooth keyboard would be great, but here’s the alternative – the myType Keyboard created by Roysden Innovations. Read more

Hands-on Review: Flexible Silicone Watch

Published by on June 25, 2013 under Reviews

Hands on Review Flexible Silicone Watch (7)

While in malls, I’ve seen people wearing silicone wrist watches like this and I always asked myself why would someone wear that while shopping, because I knew they were considered sport watches? Well, recently I received one for review and I have an answer. Once you get one of these on your wrist, you simply forget about it and keep wearing it everywhere, and I’m a person who doesn’t like to wear watches. Read more

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