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Pink Computer Mouse Says I Love You

Published by on February 5, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


We don’t know much about this cute mouse besides the fact that it talks.
The I Love You Mouse knows how to tell “I love you!” every time you use the scroll wheel. Read more

iBall Take Note A414 Digital Notepad

Published by on February 5, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


Trying to figure out how this gadget works in order to provide you with a nice explanation, I concluded that it must have some handwriting recognition function under the sheets of paper, and as you take notes pressing the sheets with the pen, a touchscreen surface should be in charge with capturing your writing.
There is no clear explanation for how the iBall Digital Notepad works and that’s how I see things based on my knowledge.
What we know about the gadget is that the sheets of paper are of A4 size and was designed by iBall, an India-based company who specialized in computer electronics. Read more

Non-Slip MP3 Music Player

Published by on February 5, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


This nice-colored MP3 player is made in China by a company called Yifang Digital Technology. It comes in a few color options including Orange and Purple and the model was named EM756.
Unlike other MP3 music player models available on the market, this one here features an anti-slip design so you can clap it on your shirt’s pocket and never lose it. Read more

Hot New Cell Phones from Playboy

Published by on February 4, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


Are you a guy in love with a hot girl, or a lady that likes to dress sexy and stand out from the crowd? –Then maybe the new Playboy cell phones might be a good replace for your current handset.
It comes in three nice colors with an overall elegant look and is available at two different prices, depending on where you get it from. Read more

The USB Hand Warming Mouse

Published by on February 3, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


If you live in China or use to browse the web several hours a day, looking for gadgets, you should be familiar with the USB-powered warming shoes or the USB-powered blanket, which are useful tools during the cold winter days, when you have issues with the home warming system. Read more

Cool MP3 Player at the Size of Your Credit Card

Published by on February 3, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


Maybe you’ve encountered this gadget before, at different online store, but I believe it is cool enough not to be missed from Ladies’ Gadgets.
It is known as the Card MP3 Player and the model you see in these images is available online at Brando, a store located in Hong Kong, at a reasonable price of $27 if you take into account that it’s the world’s thinnest MP3 player. Read more

Say It Your Way: Superb Bouquet of Roses and Audio Sweet Love Messages

Published by on February 2, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


This gift idea is for those searching for something unique for the ladies they love.
A flowers bouquet is something that should not miss from the gifts for ladies, and an important aspect that any gentleman knows is that the flowers have to be fresh and not imitations like those made of plastic and other materials, even if these ones look better sometimes.
We’ve seen flower bouquets with pre-recorded audio before but this one coming from FTD is different in that it comes with real fresh roses. Read more

Jabra JX10: Elegant Gold Bluetooth Headsets from Jabra Still Fashionable

Published by on February 2, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


The Jabra JX10 Cara is one of the hottest additions of 2005 to the high-quality Bluetooth-enabled headsets line of Jabra, and comes in two versions, one available in 24-carat gold and the stainless steel alternative.
Being designed to look good on your ear as well as to provide a clear sound for on-the-go conversations, the headset created by Jacob Jensen European design house allows you to keep talking on the phone wirelessly, for up to 6hours,without bothering your ear. Read more

Breo Ladies Sports Watches

Published by on February 1, 2009 under Workout


Do you enjoy the fitness activity or swimming on a regular basis? Then these ladies sports watches coming in different colors would replace the need of taking your cell phone near the water and avoid damages to your standard wrist watch.
They are called the Breo Sports Watches and come in Black, Pink and Blue with waterproof capability at up to 10 meters deep. Read more

Kissing Lips Charm

Published by on February 1, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


Called the Kiss Charm, this nice object is made of sterling silver and the design idea comes from Emma Franlkin.
It is available for purchase online at at a price of 39.99 British Pounds and is intended to make you look more attractive than you already are, offering an affordable alternative to gold or Swarovski jewels. Read more

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