Lifestyle Gadget Blog - Part 23

DASH7 Bluetooth Speaker is World’s Slimmest

Published by on October 21, 2013 under Mobile

DASH7 Bluetooth Speaker is Worlds Slimmest (3)

At 1.8 mm thickness, DASH7 is a Bluetooth speaker that easily slips into your pocket, well, a large pocket because it’s 190 mm long, but still, it was launched as the world’s slimmest and lightest speaker of its kind, by SoundMatters. You can find it in midnight black, arctic white and vibrant red. Read more

Why IT Training is so Important for Business

Published by on October 15, 2013 under Office

Why IT Training is so Important for BusinessInformation technology underpins most of today’s businesses. Dealing with every aspect of information systems that are based on computers and telecommunications, it is the lifeblood of the business world. However it doesn’t happen by itself; if needs people to make it function; and the demands that are placed on them grow incessantly as the technologies become ever more complex and diverse. Read more

New Gadgets Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

Published by on October 14, 2013 under Mobile

According to recent statistics, every 19 seconds 1 person in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer and every 74 seconds 1 person dies from it. Every year, more and more companies announce special products to honor the fight against breast cancer and to support research and awareness by donating a percentage of the sales to various support or research foundations. What you can do to help is donate to one of these organizations, buy a product participating in a breast cancer awareness campaign, or wear a pink accessory throughout October.

Here is a nice list of new gadgets launched for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Denon Fitness Kit with Wireless Exercise Freak Headphones

denon Komen Wireless Exercise Freak Headphones breast cancer (2)

Denon provides innovative audio-video solutions and their latest product dedicated to the fight against breast cancer is the Exercise Freak Fight Kit. The kit includes several pink accessories for fitness: a water bottle, an absorbent gym towel, a wrist sweat band, an armband smartphone holder with Velcro closure, and the Susan G. Komen Wireless Exercise Freak Headphones, all coming in the pink Denon Fight Bag. Read more

Mobile Phone Insurance Benefits

Published by on October 12, 2013 under Mobile

Mobile Phone Insurance BenefitsThese days, more and more companies offering mobile phone insurance are rising and I’m sure you can see their advertisements in many places on the web. If at first I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of paying extra money on this type of insurance, I had the chance to read more about these offers and now I’m thinking that I might go for it in the near future. Read more

ShaveTech Portable USB Razor Hands-on Review

Published by on October 12, 2013 under Reviews

ShaveTech Portable USB Razor Hands on Review 1 (6)

The pocket gadget I’m reviewing today proved that a stylish and slim design doesn’t have to compromise performance. ShaveTech is a portable electric razor that charges via USB and is more powerful and precise than many razors from popular brands. I was surprised to see how quick and precise it cuts the beard. You could say that ShaveTech represents the latest standard in shaving because it’s smaller than a smartphone, which allows you to keep it inside a bag or pocket and use it anywhere. You can recharge the built-in Lithium Polymer battery from a laptop, via USB, or using an USB AC adapter. Read more

STK PowerCard 400mAh Power Bank Hands-on Review

Published by on October 10, 2013 under Reviews

STK PowerCard 400mAh Power Bank Hands on Review (5)

Coming in a slim design, at the size of a credit card, the STK PowerCard is an emergency charger compatible with any handset featuring microUSB charging port. You can use it to provide extra hours of standby to your smartphone when the battery is almost drained and you don’t have where to recharge it, such as while out, camping. Besides working as an external battery, the gadget has two other functions – powerful mini LED torch and microUSB cable. Read more

Some Thoughts on Scooters

Published by on October 10, 2013 under Cars

Some Thoughts on ScootersWhat I like about scooters is the low profile, the comfortable seat and the lower level of noise produced while riding, when compared to motorcycles. Men love motorcycles because they inspire power and strength, while scooters can be ridden by anyone, men or women, almost anywhere, at lower speeds. I think it’s a great vehicle for riding through the city and for going to shopping, do errands or to work. Read more

What Gadget Insurance is About

Published by on October 10, 2013 under Mobile

What Gadget Insurance is AboutEvery time I saw offers regarding gadget insurance I asked myself if I could really benefit from it or it’s just another marketing strategy that makes you pay a small amount per month without ever needing this insurance. I did a short research in this matter and I can say it’s an interesting subject, especially because it makes you think that all your important and expensive gadgets can be covered for almost any problem. Read more

The Best Girl Cars

Published by on October 8, 2013 under Cars

The Best Girl CarsMen, choosing a car, first of all pay attention to the fundamental characteristics of the car, such as power and drivability. However, the girl’s approach to the car is quite from the opposite points of view.

In the first place, for girls, no doubt, are the visual characteristics of the car, ie how extravagant is the car’s design, also quite important criterion is the tone of the car. And only then the question arises concerning the technical specifications of the vehicle. So, let is discuss what kind of car you should choose for a girl? vCars, the largest distributor of used cars in Britain, offers you the best choice for a lady – an elegant, tender, classy and beautiful Peugeot 206. Read more

Monitor and Share Your Blood Alcohol Content with BACtrack

Published by on October 8, 2013 under Mobile

Monitor and Share Your Blood Alcohol Content with BACtrack (3)

Based on the legal alcohol limit for driving in your state, you can use a smart gadget to analyze your breath at any time and know how to keep the level below this limit. BACtrack, coming from “blood alcohol content track”, works with your iPhone, iPod or iPad through Bluetooth and measures the alcohol level in your system. The results are displayed through a dedicated application that need to be installed on the phone. Read more