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Headband with Headphones Helps Falling Asleep Easier

Published by on September 26, 2013 under Home

Headband with Headphones Helps Falling Asleep Easier (3)

SleepPhones is the name of a useful product developed for those who have minor sleeping problems, or better said, who have problems falling asleep. Sleep issues can be caused by stress, surrounding noises and other factors, and here comes the headband with integrated headphones to help. Read more

What to Avoid When Buying a Printer

Published by on September 25, 2013 under Home

What to Avoid When Buying a PrinterIf you’re running a business of any sort, one thing you’ll need is a printer – whether for printing various documents and forms, or for projects, essays, even sheet music.

All kinds of professionals need to print on paper daily, and many people choose to buy a printer, instead of always paying for printing services at an office supplies shop. It can greatly save on printing costs, especially if you choose wisely and buy a printer online, where you can get the best prices.

Picking the right printer can make the difference between a significant saved amount and on an investment that brings you nothing but additional expenses, making it cheaper to simply print somewhere else.

Here are the most important mistakes to avoid when choosing a printer: Read more

Mimish Beanbag and Storage System – A Smart Invention

Published by on September 24, 2013 under Home

Mimish Beanbag and Storage System A Smart Invention (3)

The Storage Beanbag from Mimish is a large beanbag with storage space that can make your life easier and more comfortable. You can place it in your kids’ room so they can sit on the soft beanbag and after done playing with toys, they can quickly place everything back inside it. Read more

Privates Bluetooth Headphones with Touchpad Interface

Published by on September 24, 2013 under Mobile

Privates Bluetooth Headphones with Touchpad Interface (5)

Outdoor Technology launched the Privates headphones with touchpad interface on the right ear piece so the user can control the audio much easier. You can change tracks and adjust volume with a finger swipe. The new headphones have an interesting rugged, foldable and flexible design featuring square earpieces while the headband is covered by canvas. You can find these in several colors. Read more

Protect Your Smartphone: Common iPhones Accidents

Published by on September 24, 2013 under Mobile

Protect Your Smartphone Common iPhones AccidentsiPhones, one of the most popular cell phone options on the market, are expensive. Since most cellular service providers only offer deals on new phone purchases every one to two years, it can be a major inconvenience and expense if your phone stops working and needs to be replaced. Many people choose to purchase iPhone insurance in order to cover their cellphone against the types of damages that are not typically covered by manufacturer warranties during the period of time between upgrades. Read more

Firmoo Eyeglasses Hands-on Review

Published by on September 23, 2013 under Reviews

Firmoo Eyeglasses Hands on Review (18)

Whether you’re wearing them for fashion only, or to protect your eyes from sunlight, or because you have a prescription, a pair of eyeglasses picked wisely can be a smart add-on for your outfit. They can make you look important, trendy or stylish, and you can select the right pair to look like a computer programmer, teacher, a business person, or even a star. Purchasing glasses online is not complicated, but if you’re not sure about the latest fashion trends, you should pick a classic model, and Firmoo is a great place for that. Read more

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Compared

Published by on September 21, 2013 under Mobile

iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C

Apple launched two new iPhone models the same day and if you’re undecided on which one to get, let me quickly compare them for you. Let’s start with the exterior.

iPhone 5S comes in metallic gray, gold or silver, having a professional look. I see in the hand of a business person or a person for whom the way he/she is perceived by others is very important, starting with the outfit and ending with accessories and gadgets.

iPhone 5C includes “c” in the name to indicate its upcoming availability in several rich and trendy colors like green, blue, yellow, pink and white, which can be combined with the new thin Apple cases to create bold color combinations. You can use these cases or browse through various other iPhone 5C covers. I think younger adults and active people will love this handset. Read more

Let’s hear it for the hoodie!

Published by on September 20, 2013 under Outdoors

Lets hear it for the hoodieThere has probably been no more contentious fashion item in the last twenty years or so than the hoodie. Its very existence seemed to divide the nation. From David Cameron’s famous “hug a hoodie” speech to its banning in certain shopping centres, one simple fact seemed to be forgotten. Lots of people wear hoodies simply because they like them. A hoodie is comfortable, it keeps you warm, and to many eyes – it looks good.

The history of the hoodie

Although you can make a case that a variation of a hoodie has been worn for centuries (medieval monks spring to mind), in common with jeans, modern hoodies came into existence as a work rather than a fashion item. Their first use was when sportswear firm Champion introduced them as a line to keep workers warm in cold warehouses in New York in the 1930s. Read more

Rapido: Wet-and-Dry Vacuum Cleaner Powered by Lithium-Ion Battery

Published by on September 18, 2013 under Home

Rapido Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Powered by Lithium Ion Battery

Those of you who already own a handheld vacuum cleaner are probably complaining about the short battery life and the long charging time for the NiMh battery powering the cleaning device, which requires 12 hours of charging to operate for about 10 minutes.

When I went to look for handheld vacuum cleaners and get one for myself, I was surprised that there was no model powered by the Lithium-Ion battery technology and that I have to wait so long for the device to recharge. Well, after a while I found out that there are a few models powered by the Li-Ion technology, and one of them is the wet-and-dry model from the German company AEG. Rapido is one of the innovative products showcased at this year’s edition of the IFA event. Read more

Ollioclip: Fish-Eye, Wide-Angle and Macro Lens System for iPhones

Published by on September 18, 2013 under Mobile

Ollioclip Fish Eye Wide Angle and Macro Lens System for iPhones (1)

This small gadget called Ollioclip enables three lens types while attached on your iPhone’s camera. You can attach it on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 and use fish-eye, wide-angle and macro lens features while taking perfect photos on the go. Read more