Lifestyle Gadget Blog - Part 22

Wrist Rest and Screen Cleaner

Published by on November 12, 2013 under Office

Wrist Rest and Screen Cleaner (2)

Why use a wrist rest and keep the screen cleaning cloth in a drawer, when you can have them both handy? Smart Rest from Toddy Gear is a useful office accessory that can increase brand visibility, consisting of a comfortable wrist rest and a screen cleaner made from microfiber. Read more

Jive Bluetooth Speaker Works in the Car or Shower

Published by on November 12, 2013 under Home

Jive Bluetooth Speaker Works in the Car or Shower (1)

Jive is a new full-featured Bluetooth speaker with waterproof capability, which you can stick to the bathroom door or mirror while taking a shower. The suction cup allows it to stick also to the windshield so you can use it in the car, but the speaker also works as a tablet stand. Read more

Coloured Shaving Gels for Men

Published by on November 11, 2013 under For Men

Colored Shaving Gels for Men (2)

Here is an interesting solution to colour your morning. Although you might think this was created for women, it’s a shaving gel aiming men who want to try something new to replace the traditional white shaving foam. Read more

Bitdefender Total Security Giveaway!

Published by on November 10, 2013 under Giveaways

Win Bitdefender Total Security 2014 5I don’t know what antivirus solution you’re using, but Bitdefender has been my only choice since a few years ago and the product I have installed on the computer is Total Security 2014, while Bitdefender Mobile Security protects my Android smartphone.

Bitdefender Antivirus offers several award-winning security solutions, ranging from basic but powerful protection for your computer while offline or online, to specialized products which provide advanced protection. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus comes with everything you need to secure the computer while accessing the Internet, including antivirus and antispyware, Bitdefender Safepay, USB Immunizer, online remote management, secure browsing, Wallet, security report, the Autopilot mode, social network protection, personal data filtering, online privacy protection, and Windows 8 compatibility. For those who need to limit their kids’ access to inappropriate web content, Bitdefender Internet Security offers Parental Control, File Shredder and a strong two-way firewall. I chose Bitdefender Total Security because it offers complete protection, adding the Safebox Secure Online Storage with the first 2GB free, Anti-Theft for locating a lost laptop with the possibility to lock or wipe the data on it, file encryption, and Tune-up tools for making the computer run faster. Read more

Reduce, Reuse, O2 Recycle for Your Old Gadgets

Published by on November 10, 2013 under Office

Reduce Reuse O2 Recycle for Your Old GadgetsThere are a plethora of options for saying goodbye to your old mobile phones these days. No, we’re not necessarily talking about your practically new iPhone 5 from last year or your shiny tablet that you never pick up – those you could probably sell or give on to a new owner. We’re talking about first generation, chunky and pixelated mobiles from five years ago that you could never figure out a use for so you stuck in your top drawer and forgot about them. Or you can go ahead and send your “old but new devices” into a recycler, and trade-off the ease of the process with the lower offer they will make as opposed to a private buyer, who may be more difficult to deal with. Luckily, mobile company O2 still makes fairly decent bids on new-ish technology, like their current offer of £215.50 on an Apple iPad 3. Read more

Automatic Ball Mop

Published by on November 10, 2013 under Home

Automatic Ball Mop (3)

This cleaning gadget is an automatic mop that rolls around the room to clean the floor from dust. It features an internal timer to roll around every 15 minutes and stops after about 3 hours, when the battery need to be replaced. Read more

Light Show Fountain Speakers

Published by on November 10, 2013 under Decor

Light Show Fountain Speakers

Light Show Fountain Speakers from are a cool solution for creating light shows based on the music rhythm, right on your desk. The two desktop speakers bounce the water to the beat and are compatible with all USB-enabled devices, including the smartphone. Read more

Turn Up the Heat on New Business with An Answering Service

Published by on November 9, 2013 under Office


Turn Up the Heat on New Business with An Answering ServiceEvery call to your HVAC business represents either a service call or a new building construction opportunity. In either case, Peak Answering helps your business manage each opportunity flawlessly. Our answering service will respond to your callers quickly, professionally and with the utmost courtesy anytime–day or night. Our service offers you additional support while offering your customers that all-important peace of mind. Read more

The Outlet Speaker from bem wireless

Published by on November 8, 2013 under Home

The Outlet Speaker from bem wireless (2)

You could say this speaker is cordless because you don’t need wires to connect it to the mains but directly and that’s why it’s called the Outlet Speaker. The speaker is also wireless because it connects to the audio source via Bluetooth. Bem wireless created this interesting device for those who need a portable, wireless speaker wherever there is an electrical outlet. Read more

Wireless Speaker System from bem wireless

Published by on November 4, 2013 under Home

Wireless Speaker System from bem wireless (2)

Getting rid of wires while listening to the music at home is great, but what if you could host a party and play music in the entire home, having the possibility to move the speakers in three key rooms so that everyone can get the same volume? That’s now possible if you’re using the Speaker Trio from bem wireless. Read more