Lifestyle Gadget Blog - Part 10

Telephoto Lens Attachment for Smartphones

Published by on June 17, 2014 under Mobile

Telephoto Lens Attachment for Smartphones (2)

Designed to work with any smartphone equipped with camera, the smartphone-to-telephoto camera converter does what the name suggests, allowing you to take beautiful photos with zoom and focus on the elements you choose. The converter turns the smartphone into a telephoto camera by simply attaching to the device with clamps. You can adjust the position of the attachment as the clamps are adjustable. Read more

Aqua SunBlast Bluetooth Solar Speaker for the Pool

Published by on June 12, 2014 under Mobile

SunBlast Bluetooth Solar Speaker Pool (2)

Aqua SunBlast from Pyle Audio is a waterproof speaker that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to produce music in all directions while floating on the water. You can use it at the pool or in the bathtub. Read more

The Wake Happy Smart Pillow

Published by on June 10, 2014 under Home

Wake Happy Smart Pillow (1)

Wake Happy is a new type of pillow that integrates several functions destined to help you sleep better and wake up happy. The pillow has a built-in display that shows the time for the clock function and uses automatic LED light dimming and brightness adjustment so it won’t bother you when you wake up in the night to check the time. Read more

AutoAAN Answering Machine App

Published by on June 8, 2014 under Mobile

AutoAAN Answering Machine App (1)

Although I’m not using many apps on my phone, because I like to stick to the basic needs, an app like AutoAAN would be a good addition in the near future. I’ve heard about it today and think it’s a great app for anyone who wants an alternative voicemail function on the smartphone. Read more

Power Station 25000 Charges Five Devices

Published by on June 7, 2014 under Mobile

Power Station 25000 Charges Five Devices (1)

The Power Station 25000 is a new device that you can use for recharging up to five devices, simultaneously. This can be done by connecting the smartphones, or other gadget types that you need to charge, to the station via USB cables. Power Station 25000 has five USB ports and would be very useful for when you’re out on a trip with several people who want to keep their devices charged, or when you’re at home and have many family members who can’t find free outlet space. Read more

Record and Share 3D Content on Your Smartphone with Mage

Published by on June 7, 2014 under Mobile

Record and Share 3D Content on Your Smartphone with Mage (1)

A team of product developers from Ukraine created, what I’d like to call, the next-generation mobile companion, which is a portable device at about the size of a smartphone that allows you to capture videos and images and view them in 3D. Mage works with both Android and iOS smartphones, allowing you to capture 3D videos and images and share them with other users in the Mage Social Network. The device is controlled via the smartphone’s display, with the Mage App. Besides these, you can use Mage to make 3D video calls. Read more

Airframe Car Mount for Smartphones

Published by on June 1, 2014 under Cars

Airframe Car Mount Smartphones (3)

Kenu launched a new mobile accessory called the Airframe. The portable car mount attaches to the air vent to hold your smartphone in front of you so you can stay up to date with emails, messages and calls. Read more

Never Lose Your Phone with Duet Bluetooth Tag

Published by on May 31, 2014 under Mobile

Lose Phone Duet Bluetooth Tag (1)

Sometimes it happens to forget where you’ve placed the smartphone. You could forget it in a taxi or someone could stole it, while there’s also the possibility for it to drop from your pocket without you to notice. When mistakes happen, a tiny gadget like Duet lets you alerts you to start looking for the smartphone right away. Read more

DouBBleTime Doubles the Charging Time for Android Smartphones

Published by on May 28, 2014 under Mobile

DouBBleTime Doubles Charging Time Android Smartphones

Have you ever wondered why your phone is charging so slow while connected to the computer via the USB cable? That’s because the USB cable included with your phone is not for charging the battery, but for data transfer between the phone and computer. When you connect the phone with the cable, the phone is provided with limited electric energy. If you want to use other functions as well, such as those that require more power, like GPS, charging becomes even slower. The good news is that you can you a special cable that doubles the charging speed. Read more

Oregon Scientific SoothePad Massager

Published by on May 27, 2014 under Workout

Oregon Scientific SoothePad Massager (1)

SoothePad from Oregon Scientific is a new device that massages your body’s problem areas to relieve muscle tension. Unlike massage devices that use vibrations or vibration programs, SoothePad adds pressure on the areas where t’s applied and provides five soothing programs. You can choose your desired program to soothe muscle aches and even tone up your body. Read more

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