Old twitter Account Hacked. Announcing New twitter Account

Published by on June 13, 2012 under Blog News

Old twitter Account Hacked. Announcing New twitter Account

Guys, it’s time to tell you some of the latest news regarding LadiesGadgets.com. As you already guessed from the title, the first twitter account was hacked a while ago. I don’t know exactly how that happened, but it turned out that my personal information wasn’t recognized anymore so I wasn’t able to login to that account. I suspect someone got the hands on the password, which was the same for several social networking sites. My bad. Will never happen again.

That and the fact that twitter didn’t gave me the access to the old account back, made me decide it’s time to create a new account wearing a similar name so you can easily find it and switch to it as soon as you can.

These being said, all the fans subscribed to the LadiesGadgets.com news via twitter.com/ladiesgadgets, please add the underscore and start following the new profile, at twitter.com/ladies_gadgets.

And don’t forget you can always find us also on facebook at facebook.com/LadiesGadgetsCom


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