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Notebook With Built-in Lamp

Published by on June 14, 2012 under Decor

Notebook With Built-in Lamp

I’m not sure how useful this little gadget is for your office desk, but at least it looks cute for those who want to stay optimistic all day and night. Named the USB Flip Desk Lamp, the desk light helps continue working on papers or keyboard in low light environments. It powers via USB and has a flip design.

Notebook With Built-in Lamp
Notebook With Built-in Lamp
Notebook With Built-in Lamp

Looking like a small notebook with built-in lamp, this office accessory and decorative item has five pages each displaying a different lamp design. The empty pages let you draw your own lamp and there are also an On/Off button and nine LED lights. Buy it for $15 from Brando.

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  1. Mary Claire says:

    As I browse through your blog site, I became more interested with other office accessories you have. Think notebook with built in lamp is truly nice and cute. Perfect for my little desk at the office. I like also the led USB connector. Is there any color of it? Thanks.

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