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Nordgreen Unika Watch – Hands-on Review

Published by on February 1, 2021 under Ladies Accessories

Meet my new watch! This is the latest model introduced by the Danish watch brand Nordgreen and it’s called Unika. The version I’m reviewing today was designed by Jacob Wagner in rose gold, with brushed metal dial and metallic mesh bracelet. I chose the 28mm dial because I have a thin wrist.

First of all I have to confess I never was into watches. I wore my first watch when my father gifted one to me when I was around 10 and taught me how to read it (it had roman numerals). I quit wearing it after a while because it wasn’t feeling right on my skin; it was leaving marks and the inside of the metallic bracelet was already deteriorating. To know the time I used to ask people around and later I got a mobile phone. Still, I’ve been having in mind the image of that classy person standing out with an elegant watch as an expression of her maturity. 

There are several key reasons you’d want to wear a watch and if it’s not because you’d like to read the time right on your wrist or show others that you can afford expensive things, then you would surely appreciate the beauty of a piece of jewelry in the form of a bracelet. 

I’m also a jeweler who adores rose gold and I see this model as an elegant, sensitive, feminine, and very well-made piece. What I love about it are the perfect proportions of each element. Every detail seems very well calculated and integrated in the whole design creating this beautiful harmony. My favorite detail is the crown which is shaped like a faceted stone.

Unika is a slim, classic watch with modern elements like the lug, as you can see in my photos. I chose this model for this review because it’s completely rose gold, including the dial and I was curious about how the lug would look on my thin wrist. In the past I tried on similar watches, with the same type of lug, but they were all too big for my wrist because the case and the lug was covering my entire wrist so you couldn’t see the bracelet while looking at the watch from above. Well, with Unika, things are exactly as they should – you can see all the parts of the watch from all the angles.

The material Unika is made of is stainless steel, more exactly the 316L alloy which is the most skin-friendly metal that’s also the one that piercings are made of. I’ve been wearing the Unika daily since the day it arrived and I have to say that you can’t even feel it on your skin. It’s so lightweight, slim, ergonomic, pleasant to wear that it “adheres” to our skin. 

The package Unika came in is basically a kit including an ecological tote bag made 100% of recycled cotton and a box with drawer-like opening where the watch is secured in place, along with a tool to easily adjust the strap length, the manual, the 2-year warranty, and the certificate of authenticity.

You can wear this watch on any occasion, with a casual outfit, elegant dress or office suit, and you don’t have to take it off while washing things or when it’s raining, as it’s water resistant up to 3 ATM.

The following are the official specifications:

  • Case thickness: 7.2 mm
  • Case width: 28 mm
  • Case material: 316L stainless steel 
  • Case color: rose gold
  • Dial color: rose gold
  • Glass: domed sapphire crystal
  • Movement: Japanese quartz
  • Strap width: 14 mm
  • Strap length: 14 cm – 19 cm
  • Strap: mesh
  • Strap color: rose gold
  • Water resistant: up to 3 ATM (rain resistant)

Nordgreen Unika | Brushed Metal Dial – Mesh is available in Rose Gold, Silver, Gun Metal and Gold, with 28mm or 32mm case diameter, at a price of USD 249, among other beautiful women’s rose gold watches designed by Nordgreen.

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