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The Motors app makes finding a car easy

Published by on May 22, 2012 under Cars

The Motors app makes finding a car easy

It could be argued that the used car sector is undergoing some pretty radical changes at the moment, that are likely to permanently alter the way in which both buyers and sellers operate within it. While it remains relatively common for people to browse the forecourts of garages and the pages of local newspapers when looking for a used car, successful sites like appear to be changing the way in which the majority carry out this process. Motors is a site offering a database of new and used vehicles for sale all over the UK and – since the site launched in 2007 – it has become one of the most successful such websites on the internet.

The convenience and speed that this offers those looking for a car obviously makes it much more attractive for many people than the methods mentioned in the paragraph above, and it is likely to attract more and more people in the future. In order to build on this success has created an app for use with mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads to act as a kind of extension of the service provided by the website. The app offers people the full use of the Motors car database, with the attraction of even greater convenience, as they can utilize it with their mobile device and from any location – rather than being restricted to when they have access to a computer.

The Motors app makes finding a car easy

The database at currently features in excess of 150,000 new and used cars; with the added benefit that 9 out of 10 cars listed on the site has been subject to data checks – ensuring that they are not stolen vehicles or write-offs. Those using the Motors app have full access to this database, and the app is as easy to use as the website, requiring users to simply enter the terms of their search in the boxes provided – such as make, model, colour, minimum and maximum price and body type – as well as entering their own postcode. The best search results can be stored on to the user’s tailored shortlist, so that they can be evaluated against each other, before making a final decision.


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