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Modern Telecommunication Technologies

Published by on July 9, 2012 under Mobile

Modern telecommunication technologiesA few years ago, a book has been published whose author stated that women pronounce about 20,000 words a day whereas men use about 7,000 per day. This thesis has been proved false shortly after by an American study but the cliché that women are a lot more communicative than men still exists. Especially new technologies have made it a lot easier for everyone – not only for women – to communicate in many different ways.

Computers and cell phones have become the most important gadgets for many people since they allow an unrestricted access to tools such as email clients, instant messengers or social networks. This has made it possible for us to stay in touch with people from all over the world. Many telecom companies nowadays even offer telephone tariffs for worldwide calls, fixed phones haven’t disappeared yet. Sometimes it’s more comfortable to call someone with a fixed phone since cell phones tend to be very sensitive to disruptions. Many fixed phones nowadays resemble cell phones, information on phone systems by Gigaset might help you find the right phone for your home.

Surviving long distance relationships by the help of new technologies

Long distance relationships are very common nowadays since globalization forces many people to spend some time abroad for work. New technologies have made everything a lot easier for couples who only see each other once a month. Especially smartphones are a big help since they make it possible to send images or voice messages via the internet without any additional charges. Video calls via Skype for example are also a very helpful means to span the time to the next reunion.

Small surprises like a real letter or a postcard from time to time are of course always appreciated, a little effort can be necessary since new technologies can also make us a little too lazy sometimes.

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