Mobiado’s New Sapphire USB Drive Loads Exclusive Artworks

Published by on May 10, 2013 under Tech Gadgets

Mobiados New Sapphire USB Drive Loads Exclusive Artworks

Mobiado announced a new limited edition USB drive named AFC Selects, which is an interesting concept pre-loading artworks from 11 artists. The USB drive is crafted from a single piece of sapphire crystal and each of them includes a set of the artworks.

Mobiado will make these available at the Art F City booth at NADA New York and if you’re wondering what these artworks consist of, I can tell you it’s commissioned artwork like videos and screensavers of museum quality,. GIF images, as well as custom software patches. For example, Mobiado mentioned in their press release a video by artist Shana Moulton, which is documenting the bizarre effects of new age massage. The drives’ packaging was designed by Bunny Rogers, while the certificate of authenticity for each drive was signed by all the artists.

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