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The Mighty Buds Earphones

Published by on March 14, 2015 under Mobile

Mighty Buds Earphones (4)

The Mighty Buds Earphones are something that makes you stand out in the night, because the cable lights up and the colored light reacts to the beat. They look great and work great for listening to the music while on the street, as well as for hands-free phone conversations.

The cable is also tangle-free and you can find a built-in microphone on them for hands-free calls. You have also the option of answering phone calls by pressing a dedicated button on the earphone, which also supports the play, pause and skip functions for music control.

Mighty Buds Earphones (5)
Mighty Buds Earphones (1)
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Mighty Buds Earphones (3)

Together with the earbuds you get 3 cushion tips in different sizes, a micro USB charging cable and a clip for attaching the cable to a shirt.

Purchase them from Gizoo in blue, green or orange, for £29.95.

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