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The Marshmallow Power Bank from Paick

Published by on January 5, 2014 under Mobile

The Marshmallow Power Bank from Paick (2)

As the name suggests, this power bank has an interesting shape and finish inspired by the marshmallow. The developers wanted to create a unique portable power bank for your gadgets, which also make you think of the clouds’ light weight and soft edges. The device weighs 90 grams and features a frosted humanized anti skidding top coat and a shakable switch sensor.

Additional key features include the Odin Circuit System, based on the Synchronous Rectifier Output technology, which enables high-speed intelligent charging and safety protection.

The Marshmallow Power Bank is a 3000 mAh polymer lithium-ion battery with shakeable sensor for power switch. It charges within 4 hours and has the estimated recharge cycle rated at 500 times. You can use it to recharge smartphones, GPS devices, MP3 players, PSP, etc. Via the micro USB port.

The Marshmallow Power Bank from Paick (1)

The power bank comes in white, pink or blue at around $40. You can find it at Amazon.

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