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Margaux Lange Unique Handcrafted Jewelry with Barbie Parts

Published by on March 7, 2009 under Beauty


Margaux Lange is one of those adults who still love the Barbie world like in childhood. She designs unique handcrafted jewelry items representing all Barbie body parts.

In my view, Barbie remains the world’s most beautiful doll with perfect body details, and if some don’t have enough time to play with dolls anymore, at least they can proud themselves with the impressive Barbie limited editions from Mattel.

At the Margaux Lange online shop you can find lots of jewelry models that you’ve never seen before, ranging from bracelets with Barbie lips and earrings with Barbie legs, to Necklaces with Barbie eyes and hands.


“My childhood spent with Barbie cultivated my interest in adornment. Extensive play with the doll and her miniature world strengthened my dexterity. This is a skill imperative to the art of jewelry making. Hence it feels natural for me to make art on a small scale.
I enjoy the funny juxtaposition of wearing the body, on the body. Barbie has become the accessory instead of being accessorized. I take pleasure in the contrast and contradiction of something mass-produced being transformed and revealed as a unique, handmade, wearable piece of art.” – Margaux Lange.


14 Replies to "Margaux Lange Unique Handcrafted Jewelry with Barbie Parts"

  1. anoymous says:

    besides the shoes one thats totally creepy

  2. Hehe, it is a little bit.

  3. odessa says:

    i think that this is great. different and artistic well done! i doubt i would wear any of the items but they are fasinating to look at 😎

  4. Rosie says:

    This is amazing! I’m asking for the two faces one for Christmas!

  5. jasmin says:

    what can I say…..morbid, digusting, waste of perfectly good barbie dolls. I hope nobody actually wears this stuff – makes me think of Silence of the Lambs or Jeffrey Domber……. 👿

  6. amber says:

    creative but creepy. very artistic lot of work put into it. nice job but even though its barbie not human, it still looks kinda cannibalistic, which is why some of the other comments you received were negative. you are pretty artistic though. nice job.

  7. Zephyr Elf says:

    Morbid? Disgusting? THEY ARE PLASTIC DOLLS!! I think somebody is reading a little too far into this >;D How can it be cannibalistic if its a plastic toy?

    Absolutely magnificent work- I’d actually like to know how I can purchase some of this stuff~! Genius~!

  8. […] Link (oh, if I’d only kept those Barbie shoes I was so fascinated by as a child…) […]

  9. Guy Beard says:

    What an interesting concept. I had thought a while ago about incorporating barbie jewlery into life-size pieces but never the body parts!


    Guy Beard
    Guy Beard Handcrafted Jewelery
    Handcrafted Jewelery

  10. You deserve an award for being so creative. AWSOME

  11. you deserve an award for being so creative AWSOME

  12. Eye for Detail says:

    What a amazing Jewellery articles. Love it.

  13. Jewelery parts | Yourcomfortcaf says:

    […] Margaux Lange Unique Handcrafted Jewelry with Barbie PartsMar 7, 2009 … Margaux Lange is one of those adults who still love the Barbie world like in childhood. She designs unique handcrafted jewelry items … No Comments 403 […]

  14. Jaye says:

    Wow! What an imagination! Love the way you put Kens face to Barbies face, cradling her cheek with Kens hand and arm! Cant wait to see more of your creations!

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