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LogmeOnce is a Complete Password Manager

Published by on April 15, 2014 under Mobile

LogmeOnce is a Complete Password Manager (2)

LogmeOnce is a new project launched at Kickstarter, which caught my attention as soon as I read the description. This is a portable device that looks and works as USB storage device but comes powered by the latest software security technologies to keep all your passwords in one place and log you in any account automatically. Besides these, LogmeOnce can also charge your smartphone when the battery runs out and you need to place emergency calls.

To make it simple about how it works, the password manager allows you to keep important files on the built-in USB storage and encrypts them so no one except you can see the contents. To unlock the drive, you need to input your unique key that not even LogmeOnce employers have access to. Whenever you need to login to an online account, you won’t have to remember and type a password because the password manager will log you in automatically. To manage all your passwords, you have to access your online account at and input your unique key.

LogmeOnce is a Complete Password Manager (1)

I think this will be a great gadget for anyone who uses lots of passwords and I can’t wait to see it available. You can read everything about it and back the product at Kickstarter.


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