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Limer – Corona Lime Bottle Opener

Published by on August 15, 2010 under For Men

Limer Corona Lime Bottle Opener

The Limer, also called the Corona Lime Bottle Opener, is a new product introduced by Moman Sales under the license of Marcas Modelo. It is destined to all the fans of Corona Extra, Corona Light and Coronita Extra from around the world, but was designed for all beer drinkers.

Limer Corona Lime Bottle Opener

Limer not only looks like a real lime but also feels like one when you hold it and when you’re not using it to open your beer bottles you can store it on the fridge’s door with the built-in magnet.

Limer also features the Corona Extra Logo in stainless steel and is available for purchase at the Corona online store for $9.99.

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