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A LED-lit Table Football Table for Your Home

Published by on September 18, 2012 under Fun

A LED lit Table Football Table for Your HomeOne of the most enganging games that you can play against friends in pubs or at home is table football. What started as the idea of creating a game that replicates football but can be played at home, has become one of the most popular activities when you’re out for fun.

Like with the other games in the same category, such as pool, air hockey, or table tennis, one of the key factors that ensure a great game night is the quality of the table football tables and their parts, while one eye-catching model is the Aurora Football Table. Weighing only 121 lbs, Aurora is a home table football table that features LED illumination so you can continue playing this fun game even in low light conditions. It’s not only modern-looking, with the cool blue LED lights, but also very solid, featuring steel legs and lateral supports for increased stability, telescopic rods for extra safety, high-grade rubber handles for comfort, and solid mould players to take high-speed impact. Other features of Aurora include two cup holders at both ends of the table for your drinks, raised corners, and Dark Grey versus White teams in 1-2-5-3 formations. Check it online at Liberty Games.

Besides the fun part, having a table football designed for home and indoors allows you to perfect your playing style in time and, why not, turn it into a sport to later participate in competitions and win fame and cash.

Whether it’s just for enhancing the party atmosphere or for improving your skills, a table football table is something that shouldn’t miss from any active person’s home.


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