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Learn new Languages on any Device with Mondly

Published by on August 15, 2015 under Apps

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When I discovered the Turkish TV series “Magnificent Century” a year ago, I instantly fell in love with the story, characters and Turkish history and culture. Since I missed the first ten or so episodes, I watched them online, on the official website of the show, but I wasn’t able to understand much. The series was so great that I wanted to visit Turkey in the near future and find out everything about the art in the Ottoman Empire (jewelry, architecture, interior design, fashion, laws, etc). That was when I realized that I really have to learn Turkish.

Looking on the Internet, I found out about the Social Media Language Learning platforms like Busuu and Livemocha, the Rosetta Stone language learning software and other useful online learning resources. I used them all, plus a few mobile apps but they didn’t provide me everything I needed in one place so I had to use several learning resources in parallel. What I need in order to learn a new language includes a friendly and attractive interface, image-words associations, addictive play, words read by native speakers, grammar modules, difficulty levels, and, as an extra, a mobile app version for when I’m not near the computer.

I knew Mondly is the best language learning app for me when I started using it a month ago. I was browsing, again, for Turkish learning apps on my phone and saw Mondly in Google Play. It has everything I need plus adaptive learning, progress tracking, competitions with friends, real-world conversations, speech recognition, and user leaderboards.

learn languages mondly (3)The mobile app is so friendly and with cool graphics that I don’t feel the need to use Mondly on the computer often. The learning platform was developed by ATi Studios and features 24 languages with over 110 lessons, 14 conversational modules, over 2,500 words and phrases, localization in 20 languages, and 460 language combinations. You can learn on your PC, tablet, Android smartphone, iPhone, Apple Watch, Blackberry, and Windows smartphone. It works on any platform and you can learn English, German, French, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, Swedish, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Indonesian, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Afrikaans. I’m currently learning Turkish and my native language is Romanian.

You can login to the app or web platform traditionally, with user name and password, or with a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. Your progress is tracked in one account, so you can check it at any time from any device.

To setup your preferences, you need to choose your native language, the language you want to start learning and the difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). You can even learn several languages in parallel. Progress for each will be saved and you can switch between them whenever you want. For example, I’m learning Turkish, German and French in parallel.

The available modules are: Hello, Daily Lesson, Family, Countries and Languages, Romance, Food & Drinks, Time, Seasons and Weather, Travel, Vacation Activities, Preparing a trip, Public Transportation, Pets, Entertainment, Shopping, Around the House, Grammar 1, Grammar 2, and Grammar 3.

The Daily Lesson is a special module that provides daily packs of exercises on all topics. Each module has 8 lessons with interactive exercises in the form of games, conversation exercises and vocabulary practice.

Interactive learning games are fun and include matching words with pictures while hearing native speakers reading the words, dragging words to the image depicting the correct translations, two-way translations by forming sentences with provided blocks of words, marking correct translations of words and phrases, as well as handwriting translations with or without seeing the word/phrase (only hearing it).

As many languages use diacritics, it’s easier to learn them on a device with touchscreen and virtual keyboard because you can select diacritics faster than on the computer.


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You can try Mondly and get access to all languages for free on the official website at or by downloading the free Mondly app. Later, you can purchase one of the available bundles to access different categories or grammar modules, or you can unlock all content with a Premium account like mine. The great news here is that you won’t have to pay for any monthly or yearly membership as it’s a one-time payment.

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