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Leaf-It Adhesive Notes

Published by on August 15, 2010 under Office

Leaf-It Adhesive Notes

Coming from Korea, the Leaf-It adhesive notes has a nature-inspired design, the paper stickers being shaped like green and yellow leaves. It reminds me of the tear off calendar from Stihl.

Leaf-It Adhesive Notes
Leaf-It Adhesive Notes
Leaf-It Adhesive Notes

Leaf-It is available in three designs – one leaf, two or three leaves on a thin tree branch.
You can find them at designboom at $19.

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  1. Hartanto Yuwo says:

    Hello, my name is Mr. Hartanto Yuwo

    i would like to ask few question about the leaf-it-post-it-notes in this page.
    but first of all i am from Indonesia. Can I know where is your headquarters?

    Thank You very much.

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