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Lancome Juicy Tubes Pure Limited Edition Lip Gloss

Published by on April 17, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


Are you preparing for the summer’s heat thinking of what high-quality cosmetics will you be able to use for making yourself more beautiful than you already are?
Lancome released the Juicy Tubes Pure, a limited edition lip gross available in various colors and made using natural ingredients and flavors, with no Paraben.

The lip gloss is basedon natural oils and shea butter emollients meant to increase the shiny finish.
You can get it for $18 and choose from Sweet Soy, Ginger Root, Bare Honey, Wild Berry, Strawberry Patch, Lavender Zen, Rose Water, Red Peppermint, Cherry Tree and Rose Nectar.

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  1. Capricorn Man says:

    lip gloss with olive oil is the best because it can moisturize your lips as well ,~~

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