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Kelly Hoses Viewed As Essential for Industrial Applications

Published by on August 22, 2013 under Home

Kelly Hoses Viewed As Essential for Industrial ApplicationsWhen it comes to hoses, there are many types and styles. For instance, there are some hoses that are shaped like rigid hallow tubes while other hoses are made to be very flexible. In general, a hose is a form of tubing that is manufactured for certain pressures, and made from natural rubbers or other materials.

A good hose, as many people know, is all important for the movement of water and other liquid from one place to another. In turn, the famed Kelly hoses are viewed the same in the construction, drilling, logging and mining industries because this special hydraulic hose is essential for numerous industrial applications. For example, a flea market guide noted that hoses of all types have always been at the top of the list of must haves for bargain hunters who say a hose is a very practical device with many uses.

Kelly hoses used in industry

While there are many types of garden and other hoses that most people use day-to-day, there are industrial Kelly hoses that are designed for various hydraulic purposes. In fact, a Kelly hose is also known as a mud hose at mining and logging job sites where this type of hose is used for high pressure purposes. This type of hose is characterized as being very flexible with some types featuring steel reinforcements for added strength and durability.

Moreover, a Kelly hose that is being used at a mining job site is considered to be very strong since the hose must accommodate the easy flow of drilling fluid that must successfully flow through the hose to the drilling site. Thus, it is all important that Kelly hoses are properly maintained to prevent breaks in the hollow hose line. Also, a properly working Kelly hose should be free of other defects such as not being flexible for those tight fitting jobs.

Rotary hoses also called Kelly hoses

In the industrial application hose terminology, a rotary hose is also called a “Kelly hose” because one of the top characteristics of Kelly hoses is the ability to stretch and reach very deep or long distance while also being rotated to dispense various industrial fluids. In addition, this type of Kelly hose has been found to be perfect for oilfield and mining jobs that use a drill string that must be raised or lowered at a specific time to allow the Kelly hose to dispense the industrial fluid that is being pumped through this powerful hose.

In addition, the main difference between a Kelly hose and a standard garden hose is the large diameter that is usually about five inches wide in a standard Kelly hose. This wider diameter hose is need for the proper flow of industrial fluids, and to prevent any blockage of fluids that usually occurs in hoses that are narrow in diameter, say mining experts who rely on Kelly hoses in their profession on a daily basis.

Overall, the Kelly hose is the gold standard for industrial applications worldwide because this type of hose is tough as old boots and made for very tough jobs.

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