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Keeping On Top Of Fleet Management

Published by on October 19, 2012 under Cars

Many businesses have the need to keep track of their vehicle fleet. No matter what your business discipline may be, whether it’s a taxi firm, courier service, repairs company, or even a public transport bus service, fleet management is a fundamental requirement if you wish to keep costs low on not only your travel/vehicle expenses, but also on time wastage.

Keeping On Top Of Fleet ManagementFleet management is often represented as a negative tool to the staff who are out there on the roads, but this needn’t be the case. While fleet management tools do make it easy to keep track and gain regular updates from your vehicle fleet, this information can be used constructively for both management and staff. If staff complain of delays caused by being stationary traffic on the M6, you can now both prove it and help justify their claims with the management tracking system. If an alternate route had to be taken, the tracker will highlight this and provide confirmation for peace of mind of both your employee and your tracking team.

It isn’t just beneficial for management looking to cut down on wayward staff or for staff on the roads having evidence of the issues encountered. It’s also beneficial for customers too, and in a business, that’s what is really important. Fleet management tools can be used to provide customers with the very latest updates available:

“When’s my taxi going to arrive?” – A quick check on the management system will pinpoint your driver’s location and help establish an accurate time for your customer query.

“How far away is the repair man?” – Observation tools can help to highlight the distance of your driver from the required destination for the job in hand.

“How long were they working on the job?” – Our driver arrived at 09:00am and his van left the site at 16:10pm.

Managing a base of operations or a workforce that is primarily out of the office can often be a difficult task, but with the implementation of a fleet system there can be multiple benefits for your business, your workers and most importantly, your customers.


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