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InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protection Hands-on Review

Published by on May 12, 2013 under Reviews

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I changed my phone recently and, in order to protect it from scratches from the start, I got ZAGG’s InvisibleSHIELD Full Body screen protector. The choice was based on my previous experience with the product, which makes me consider it the best screen or full body protection. I also wanted one because my phone model doesn’t feature any advertised built-in screen protection like Corning Gorilla Glass or scratch-proof layer, but I think that regardless of the smartphone, you need at least a good screen protection, because it never knows. You can find InvisibleSHIELD kits for about any handset, including Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5, and they are available in a few versions, such as just screen protection, full body protection (front and back) and maximum protection (front, back and sides).


• Thin and invisible
• Scratch-proof
• Military-grade material that makes it indestructible
• Nano-Memory Technology
• Comes with 25-year guarantee

The kit

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I don’t know if you had the chance to read the review of the InvisibleSHIELD for LG Viewty, where I posted some detailed photos and a scratch test, but now the kit comes with some improvements, such as they replaced the container with the application solution and sponge with a spray. Once the container was opened you had to throw away the remaining liquid, but now that there’s a spray container, you can use as much as you need and then store it for later use.

Instead of the application card the kit now comes with a squeegee which is made from a soft, rubber material, which makes it easier to remove the bubbles under the applied shield.

The InvisibleSHIELD Full Body kit includes adhesive foils for the front and back of the phone, the application spray, the squeegee, a cleaning cloth, and the installation instructions.

InvisibleSHIELD Application

Start with cleaning your handset using a clean microfiber cloth that’s lint- and dust-free, then gently blow over the device from the distance to remove the last particles. Continue with spraying your finger tips on both hands and then peel off the InvisibleSHIELD front part that matches your handset’s display. Keeping it on one palm, spray with the other on the sticky side. Use a lot of liquid; it will help you slide it easily on the device to find the best position.

Next you have to align the shield with the top margins of the handset and let it fall over the entire display. Now, using the included squeegee, gently remove bubbles of air and liquid from under the shield. You won’t be able to remove them all, but they will disappear within hours. Use the included cloth to remove the excess liquid.
Do the same for the back side until you’re satisfied of the final look.

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If you have 10 free minutes when you’re relaxed and focused, and a small flat surface, most of the difficulty is eliminated.

My main recommendation is to work on a dust and lint-free environment and not touch anything that contains dust and lint during the installation, because all the dust and lint that your fingers get in contact with, will stick to the shield parts and you won’t be able to remove them later.

Work slowly and gently when applying the shield. It usually takes 5 minutes to finish. Don’t worry about the bubbles that you can’t remove manually because they will disappear within the next 24 hours.

While using your handset with the InvisibleSHIELD on it, try not to peel the corners accidentally because moisture will get underneath and the shield will come off quickly.

Here’s a quick video with how I installed the InvisibleSHIELD for Samsung Galaxy S II on my Galaxy S II Pus:


The InvisibleSHIELD Full Body screen protection is available in many stores worldwide for prices around $25. I received my review sample from, where you can purchase it for around £20, depending on your handset model.


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