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The Intempo Bluetooth Speaker System – Review

Published by on November 13, 2009 under Reviews

1 The Intempo Bluetooth Speaker System - Review

While doing things inside your home, like preparing the bed, shaving, washing clothes, cooking dinner, having a little chat with your guests or just a private romantic discussion with your boyfriend/girlfriend, it always feels good to hear some nice music in the background. The only problem is that you can’t move the computer or another system as the music source, with the speakers, from room to room. To offer a solution, Intempo Digital launched the Intempo BTS stereo Bluetooth speaker that allows you to play your favorite songs or playlists right from your Bluetooth-enabled device with integrated music player, such as your personal cell phone or portable media player.
The Intempo BTS is the gadget we have received from Mobile Fun for review today.

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It didn’t take much time to play with it and learn about its features, because it has only one main function – to enable louder stereo sound from your media player at 10 Watts RMS power.
The speaker uses the Bluetooth 1.2 standard to connect to your media player wirelessly within the 30-feet or 10-meter supported range, while the supported profiles are: A2DP, Headset, Handsfree and AVRCP.

The first thing that catches the attention is its curved shape and the nice finish in black and silver, which makes it look slim and stylish, matching any room. It measures 280 x 190 x 100 mm and is lightweight at only 2Kg.
When I opened the large product package I thought the speaker must be very big in size, but I discovered it was shorter than my keyboard, about half the box it came in. To hold it I simply used my fingers to reach the discrete cavity on the back of the speaker.

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On the right side I found the On/Off button, the volume jog dial, a Line In and a DC In.

Now, to use the speaker I first had to pair it with my cell phone, by doing the following:

1. Plugged the power adapter into the mains.
2. Turned the speaker on using the On/Of button and saw the Blue LED light flashing, indicating that the speaker was ready for pairing.
3. Activated the Bluetooth on my cell phone and started searching for Bluetooth devices.
4. When the speaker appeared as JA2 on my cell phone’s display I paired the two devices using the default password 0000 and saw that the LED light wasn’t flashing anymore, but remained blue.
5. The last step was to reach my playlist and press on Play. The sound started to come out from the speaker only.

When you want to stop listening to the music you have to disconnect the two devices from the cell phone’s options and then turn off the speaker.

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Another thing you can do with the Intempo BTS is listen to your favorite radio stations. My cell phone has FM radio function but I can listen to it only via headphones. Now that I have the Bluetooth speaker I can connect the two devices via the included 3.5-mm audio connector. The same cable can be used with phones that don’t support Bluetooth connectivity. In case your phone doesn’t feature the 3.5-mm headphone jack either you can use a 3.5-mm adapter.

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Well, these are the things you can do with the Intempo BTS stereo Bluetooth speaker. In conclusion, I am satisfied with the gadget and recommend it to those looking for a quality powerful Bluetooth speaker for in-home use. The sound is very, very loud and clear. It’s hard to keep the volume at the highest level.
The only thing I’d change is that you have to keep it plugged into the mains for as long as listen to the music or radio. I’d like it to have a built-in rechargeable battery to keep it operating for many hours, allowing me to move the speaker from room to room whenever I like, instead of raising the volume to hear it from the other room.
The good thing is that you can create playlists of your favorite songs in your cell phone and play only what you like, when you want, as loud as you need.

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If you like it as much as I do you can get one from Mobile Fun for £19.99.

The review is the personal opinion of Ladies’ Gadgets based on the experience with the sample product sent by MobileFun, which is the only compensation we received.

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