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Importance of Local SEO

Published by on June 29, 2013 under Office

Importance of Local SEOMost businesses have some form of SEO on their site. If not, they’re missing out on a lot of traffic which would increase their page rank considerably. One reason why some sites get ahead of others is simply because they have a better SEO strategy.

Along with a creative site design, SEO is the one thing that businesses can do to set themselves apart from other competitors and become more successful. However, starting an SEO campaign is no easy task. For one thing, you have to understand how SEO works both on regional and global levels. When you hire a web designer to build a site, you should always look at their SEO options. If they offer SEO tools and marketing analytic software, you’ll be able to use these tools to get a better page rank and attract more visitors. However, designers should go beyond these do-it-yourself tools and offer you a customized site that has some built in SEO features. For example, local SEO services are provided with their packages for businesses who have a targeted audience in their region. This allows you to reach out to a local audience in a much bigger way.

Local SEO strategies usually are a mixture of directories, backlinks, advertising campaigns and email marketing targeted to locals around where the business is located. It’s essential to offer a business profile in social media platforms as well. If you’re not in Google Places for example, you may miss out on traffic specifically looking for your business near a location on Google Maps.

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