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Impecca 4GB MP3 Player, FM Radio and Portable Voice Recorder

Published by on July 7, 2010 under Mobile

Impecca 4GB MP3 Player FM Radio and Portable Voice Recorder

I have been looking for a small, pocketable gadget that I could use while on the go to listen to the music and my favorite FM radio stations through earphones, as well as to record voice.
I need something with large storage capacity for the audio files and clear voice recordings. If you’re wondering why I need a voice recorder, I can tell you that it’s not about some sort of interviews. Let’s say I’m living in an area where services aren’t great lately and I’m confronting with weird customer service. You can guess further.

Now let’s get back to what I was preparing to tell you about. The gadget in the image is a great device with multiple functionalities. It is known as the Impecca MP-1402F Red 4GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner and you can use it as a 4GB MP3 Player, FM radio and portable voice recorder. These features make it a great tool for music lovers, interviewers or people who want to keep records of meetings or voice diaries, and all of you who want to store media files on a portable storage device.

This Impecca MP3 player model has a display with blue backlight which allows you to browse your files even in low light conditions, choose your preset from the seven available for the built-in FM radio and select your language from multiple available.

When you’re in front of the computer you can connect it via USB for high-speed file transfer.

The red Impecca MP-1402FR saves audio as MP3 or WMA and comes with earphones, USB cable, one AAA battery for power and the user manual. You can find it at in the MP3 players category at a price of EUR 31.84.

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  1. Bogdan Epureanu says:

    Yeah, I guess it does its job, but I don’t see it as something special – I saw hundreds of similar devices…

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