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iBall Take Note A414 Digital Notepad

Published by on February 5, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


Trying to figure out how this gadget works in order to provide you with a nice explanation, I concluded that it must have some handwriting recognition function under the sheets of paper, and as you take notes pressing the sheets with the pen, a touchscreen surface should be in charge with capturing your writing.
There is no clear explanation for how the iBall Digital Notepad works and that’s how I see things based on my knowledge.
What we know about the gadget is that the sheets of paper are of A4 size and was designed by iBall, an India-based company who specialized in computer electronics.

Called the iBallTake Note A414, the slim digital notepad is available for purchase at about $246, after the conversion from Indian Rupees, at the time for writing. You can get it from gadgetsguru and use it every day for taking notes, sketches and drawings.
Over 100 full A4 pages with your notes are stored digitally on the built-in 32MB memory and you can connect it to your computer via USB and see everything your write as you write. This would be useful during group meetings and presentation sessions.

Unlike other similar gadgets, the iBall Take Note A414 digital notepad supports ordinary paper and standard ink pens.
Using the special software you can manage your notes at any time on your computer and organize the data for later sharing.
Also, you won’t need to install any special software for computer compatibility because it was conceived as an easy-to-use plug-and-play device.

It measures 336 x 245 x 12 mm at 615 grams without the battery and has a writing area of 210 x 279 mm.
It allows you to add more memory via an SD card and powers from 4 AAA batteries in order to function for up to 80 hours continuously.

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  1. is it work in windows vista ?

    i want to install in windows vista 32 bit mechine.

    please advice.

  2. avi says:

    the product is the same as shipped by it has simply been rebranded. for that matter a lot of things are copy pasted from the spec sheet…

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