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How To Achieve A Professional Blow-Dry At Home

Published by on April 30, 2013 under Beauty

How To Achieve A Professional Blow Dry At Home

Do you want look like a million dollars without it costing the earth? Believe it or not, it’s exceptionally easy to do your own blowout at home. You don’t need salon products for professional results.


Prepare Your Hair

Before you even plug-in your hairdryer, you should prepare your strands for heavy heat. Thermal protection can come in spray or oil forms, but you can also use multi-purpose mousses that create volume too. Don’t use too much product or your salon blowout will suffer. It may even make your tresses appear greasy.


Choose Your Style Weapons Wisely

It’s always worth investing in a high quality hairdryer with a fitted nozzle. This’ll control airflow and protect your hair from raw heat. Salon clips and a round brush are also important for the finished look.


How To Get A Salon Blowout

Predry your hair to begin with. If you’re looking to minimise damage, and you’ve got time to kill, you can let your tresses dry naturally. It’s best to remove most of the moisture before you start styling for the finished look.

Once your hair is a little less sopping wet, divide into three sections: top, middle, and bottom. Work through the hair, layer by layer, starting from the bottom upwards. Work in two inch sections and roll your hair around your round brush (careful not to get your tresses caught). Apply a reasonable amount of pressure to drag out strands and keep them looking sleek.

Moving from the roots to the ends of your hair, run the nozzle of your dryer over the sections, and apply the heat evenly. Keep the nozzle facing downwards to iron out cuticles. If you’re looking to introduce a little wave into your strands, hold your round brush almost vertical. For extra volume, lift your hair upwards from the roots, or give your hair a blast with your head upside down.

If you’re looking for extra body, roll up sections of lightly damp hair in Velcro rollers and then finish drying your hair like this. 



To seal the deal, spritz with a shine spray and lock your style in with the cool setting of your dryer. Invest in a silk pillow. When you rest your head for the night, a satin case is less likely to mess up your coiffure and will cause less damage through friction. If your volume is off the charts, you can apply some conditioning oil to your ends to help moisturise everyone’s least favourite problem area and weigh down your hair.

For extra mileage, pull your hair into a topknot or braid before you hit the hay. Secure with a scrunchie to avoid unattractive kinks. Dry shampoo can attack any areas that are starting to look past their best, so even on hot days, your hair will go from limp to bodytastic. The longer you leave it until you wash your hair, the longer you can enjoy your blowout. What are your favourite blow dry tips?

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Have you got a tip for a professional blow-dry at home? Share it with us in the comments!


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