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How Online Phone Unlocking Services work

Published by on August 25, 2015 under Apps

how phone unlocking works (3)Frankly, I never had much trust in websites offering phone unlocking services, but when I had to find a way to unlock an old phone in order to sell it, I gave them a try. What convinced me they couldn’t be scams was the money back guarantee badge I saw these websites have been displaying since a while ago. This means that if the code they provide doesn’t work, you get your money back and that’s great because, in my opinion, these services are not cheap at around $25, but you’re doing this once only.

Another positive thing besides the refund option is that you don’t have to leave your phone at the service. You can unlock it at home, in front of the computer, and it’s very easy. You only need to find your handset’s IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) underneath the battery or by dialing *#06#, select the phone model from a list of available models and pay for the unlocking code.

To exemplify, I played a bit with SafeUnlockCode. There you first have to select the phone brand, the phone model, the telecommunication network where the phone is locked in, and the country of that network. Next, you have to insert in your phone a SIM card working in another network, which is not accepted. The phone will ask for the SIM unlock code in order to allow you access the phone’s features. After receiving the code from the online service, you have to enter it. The phone unlocks and will work with any SIM card.

Here are some screenshots with the process:

how phone unlocking works (1)
how phone unlocking works (3)
how phone unlocking works (2)

Although it voids the phone’s warranty, this is a safe process because it can’t affect the phone in any way and you can lock it back to the original network when you need to take it to the service.

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  1. T. Sanderson says:

    You mentioned you can unlock it back if you need to take it for service? Can you explain how this is possible

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