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Make that Holiday Feeling Last Longer with 3 Top Xbox Deals

Published by on January 9, 2013 under Fun

Make that Holiday Feeling Last Longer with 3 Top Xbox DealsChristmas Day has been and gone. No doubt you were rushed off your feet, but all the frantic gift searches and prep were worth it just to see the smiles on the little ones’ faces. So how can you make that holiday happiness last?

It’s time to get stuck in to some friendly, skill-building competition.

And it’s extra fun to do now there are some great prices on Xbox bundles at ASDA.

1. Get Energised with a 4GB Xbox 360 + Kinect

A simple-to-expand 4GB console makes this Xbox bundle a real bargain. Plug in up to 5 USB sticks to access your own games. Or just download straight to console. This Xbox 360 had built-in WiFi for space-saving wireless gaming.

And it comes with the justly famous Kinect Sensor for action without boundaries. As you move, so does your character in the game – no wires or controllers required. Get the family to test out Kinect Adventures together and get into the competitive mode.

2. Rocket Up the Rankings on Forza 4 + Need For Speed

Fight off the January blues with a bundle that’s all about testing new skills and new driving styles that impress. It’s not just race circuits and burning rubber; it’s a whole lifestyle package.

Yes, ASDA’s 250GB Xbox 360 comes with every wannabe race-car driver’s dream games: Forza 4 and Need For Speed Most Wanted. Plus Skyrim Pack to satisfy that inner fantasy fan.

While the massive console memory opens up loads of scope for storing games as well as your favourite tunes and HD movies (with Xbox LIVE). Set the scene for your race to the top.

3. Bring Disneyland Into the Living Room

You may have had your fill of Peter Pan, but with a top deal on a 4GB Xbox 360 + Kinect Sensor + Disneyland Adventures + Kinect Adventures, you can keep the kids happy and get a workout the easy way. Goodbye Christmas stuffing, Hello healthier, happier you!

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