Holi Smart Lamp

Holi Smart Lamp

Holî is a smart lamp that can be set on a desk or on the wall while you can use the smartphone to remotely control the light. Holî works with a dedicated application that installs on the handset and its menu allows you to choose to decorate the room with your favorite color tone, from over 50 light colors.

You can change the light color at any time or turn the music into light or, in other words, the lamp produces cool light shows based on the music played on the handset.

Holi Smart Lamp 2

The aluminum lamp designed in France has a minimalist finish, producing light of 500 lumens intensity through the 3cm frame which includes 18 high-power LEDs. This way it can produce hundreds of millions of light combinations. It measures 20cm and connects via Bluetooth 3.0 to iPhones, iPod touch, iPads and soon on Android devices.

Find Holî, the smart mood lamp at Firebox, at £179.99.

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